Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin OFFICIAL!

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by titanthakur, May 7, 2017.

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    Until they stop having 45000 belts for each weight class and stop being corrupt, people won't give a ****.
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    Where all the money coming from, I wonder?

    Someone cares.
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    Nah. It's all fake bitcoin crap
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    Boxing really is huge in Europe. Now that so many champions come from Europe it finally has them excited.
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    I am glad to see there are some smart-minded boxing fans in this forum. Gentlemen, we are about to see some very good fights in May and June.
    May 20th
    Terence Crawford vs. Felix Diaz, 12 rounds, for Crawford's WBO/WBC junior welterweight title

    *I am a big fan of Crawford. Quite as it's kept, Manny avoided him. He is going to get bigger and bigger fights.

    May 27th

    Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence Jr., 12 rounds, for Brook's IBF welterweight title

    *Speaking of big fights, the winner can easily fight Crawford in the Fall. This has the makings for Fight of The Year.

    June 3rd

    Adonis Stevenson vs. Andrzej Fonfara, rematch, 12 rounds for Stevenson's WBC light heavyweight title

    * I have no respect for Adonis because he is scared ****less of Kovalev is not even funny. I hope Fonfara wins. Really, I won't be watching anyway.

    @@@@Same Night (June 3rd)@@@@

    Fres Oquendo vs. Shannon Briggs, 12 rounds, for vacant WBA "regular" heavyweight title

    I will be watching this fight for pure entertainment value. Please youtube "Shannon Briggs Let's Go Champ" and you will see what I mean.

    June 17th

    Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev, rematch, 12 rounds, for Ward's WBO/IBF/WBA light heavyweight titles

    Rematch of two of the top 5 pound for pound boxers in the sport.

    Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Moises Flores, 12 rounds, for Rigondeaux's WBA junior featherweight title

    Undercard: I like Rigondeaux, but he can be boring at times.


    July 1st

    Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn, 12 rounds, for Pacquiao's WBO welterweight title

    I couldn't pick Jeff Horn out of a lineup, but I know Pacquiao will let his hands go win, lose, or draw.

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    Ok, I just saw a tape of their first face off and Canelo didn't even want to look at him. Throw in the 4" height advantage that GGG has and I am starting to believe Canelo is in real trouble. GGG was vastly outweighed by Jacobs when they stepped into the ring and he had a problem. He will not be outweighed by Canelo. I would now be willing to put money on GGG in this fight.
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    Canelo's defense is too good for GGG to win this one, I think.

    Nelo learned a lot from that Floyd fight. Uses similar approach. I think GGG is too slow to get through it.
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    Odds opened with GGG as favorite