Can you all PLEASE just stop already?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CollinsQB, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. TitanPredBrent

    TitanPredBrent Camp Fodder

    It is pretty retarded to say they wouldn't. This organization has made some boneheaded moves and for anyone to say they definitely would or would not make another shows you are completely out of touch with reality. All we do know is that Jeff Fisher has led this team to 6 playoff seasons over the last 10 seasons. How many has Del Rio led the Jags in the last 6 or 7 or Kubiak/Capers for that matter. Things could be alot worse.
  2. gillbilly

    gillbilly Camp Fodder

    lol at the op's username CollinsQB.
  3. SawdustMan

    SawdustMan The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed Beav Champion

    I wouldn't put a bonehead move past Bud. But he would NOT hire Mangini or Kubiak. I'd literally bet my house on it.

    Nobody is going to be hiring Mangini as a HC anytime soon. And assuming Kubiak gets fired why would Bud hire a divisional reject? He has too much pride and, yes, sense for that.

    As for the neverending chorus of "could be worse"... is that really what we've come to as fans?
    "Well, we may not win championships but it could be worse. We aren't the worst team in the league."
    Come on, we aren't the freaking Texans here.
  4. CheeseheadTitan

    CheeseheadTitan Pro Bowler Tip Jar Donor

    I have always been a Fisher fan and am not ready to say he needs to be whacked, but this season has seen a couple of coaching screwups that give me some pause:

    1. Going into the season with our special teams, and most notably, punt/kick return group so woefully unprepared for prime time. I watched some of this live at the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, and laughed it off then, but in the regular season this is inexcusable. This directly cost us one game (Jets), and contributed to a couple of other losses during the "dark period".

    2. Going into the season with a Defensive Coordinator who was not ready for prime time. This could be seen in preseason already....and should have been addressed early on (maybe another Gunther Cunningham/Dave McGinnis move to supplement this). I do think, however, that Cecil will eventually become a good DC.

    3. This almost compulsive loyalty to underperforming players. I am sorry, but Nick Harper needs to be on the bench...period. This was evident in past years as well (ReyRey Hill, Lamont Thompson, etc).

    These are a few of the questions that I, as an "eyes open" Fisher supporter, would want to have answers to if he were in a position to have to listen to me...
  5. NYCTitanfan84

    NYCTitanfan84 Special Teams Standout

    Why doesnt anyone believe that things "could be BETTER?" (If we brought in a new HC)
  6. dbc5631

    dbc5631 Starter

    What did we shutdown? We threw the ball more in the 2nd half! And just who are the 11 best player Mr. GM?
    You Monday Morning QB's don't care if the player might not be the best blocker or might not be the best tackler or might not put themselves in the best position to make plays, etc. All you crybabies see is an INT or a long reception and BOOM! That guy should be starting!!
    If that scrub Hood had started 14 games this year and not just played against JAX, SF and Buffalo you'd be crying about wanting someone else in there! If Jared Cook was in there the running game would suffer but no... in your PS3 Madden game it doesn't matter that he's a rookie.

    "Fisher Took a 13-3 team"
    NO, he made that team 13-3. If Vince Young is the reason this team is 7-1 since the Bye then who was responsible for running off 10 straight last year? Collins?

    And for the QB change, I'll bet you this website that Ole Bud was telling Jeff after week 4 he would like him to put in VY. Jeff had a plan. Make a change against Indy then NE with the defense depleted and reeling or stick him in after the bye when key players were healthy and the schedule became lighter. If Jeff had of put Young in after Week 5 he'd be 5-3 and you guys wouldn't have anything to say right now.
  7. kdizzle

    kdizzle Camp Fodder

    I agree with you. Every time I hear commentary about the Titans, it seems they haven't seen any of their games.

    Our pass rush is horrible for the most part. It is very inconsistent. We need to dial up some blitzes. Blitz Harper repeatedly...he can't cover anyone. Henne could have sat back their for 15 seconds if he wanted to yet they rarely if ever blitzed.

    The coaching staff has an ego problem. They can't accept when their plans or their pet players aren't working out and going with a change to see if they might get better results. They insist on sticking with whatever they are doing, even if it doesn't work.
  8. kdizzle

    kdizzle Camp Fodder

    Last year was a fluke. KC was 12-3 and lucked out against Baltimore with the roughing the passer call that gave us the win after his idiotic interception was nullified. Someone finally got some pressure and guess what, he sucked.

    Our schedule was extremely weak last year. Indy had an off year. Houston sucked and Jacksonville also wasn't very good. Then we played the NFC Central which really sucked. He finished weakly, like his anemic, pathetic career, with a 3-4 record if you include the playoffs and then his 0-6 record this year and his 0-4 record in 2006. IF it wasn't for his pathetic, clueless play we wouldn't have had to win the NE game in 2006. IF it wasn't for his play this year, we wouldn't have had to finish this year 10-0.

    KC is a mediocre QB and wlll be nothing more. He is a backup. He has no signature wins and couldn't carve up anyone in any situation. Even with the 6 seconds he was getting last year, he wasn't that great. He couldn't even win a home game in the playoffs against the Ravens last year with a vastly superior team. He sucked in the Superbowl against the Ravens too. When has he not sucked?

    Your boy KC is owned by VY. Just get over it.
  9. dbc5631

    dbc5631 Starter

    This is just one of the stupidest things EVER typed on this board! We were beating Jax, Buff and SF with Nick Harper on both sides of the field. I know this looks like an attack on you but even on an internet messageboard this type of garbage should be called out! What wins are more impressive, Jax, SF and Buff with Hood or Hou, Arizona and Miami without Hood?
    Also, In 2002 the Titans started off 1-4 and ended up 11-5. No QB changes and the win streak took off after the bye week. Was Fisher responsible for the 1-4 start, yes. Was he responsible for the 10-1 finish, you bet your sweet astikosh. See, what you guys can't comprehend is that this organization doesn't resign its Rolle's, Runyun's, Mason's, Haynesworth's, Kearse's and Odom's. It's never had a Manning, Brady or Elway at QB. This organization led by Fisher and his staff create the big paychecks the above guys end up getting in Free Agency and DOES NOT sign the marquee FA. That's fine, this is a small market team and Adams has the EXACT guy he needs for the way HE wants this organization ran. After all, it's going on 16 years. The proofs in the pudding.
    Quickly, name another small market team with close the success of the Titans since LP Field was constructed. I can name one, Indy and maybe the greatest QB ever. Maybe Fisher's a victim of his own success because SOME of football's uneducated fans have turned against him. Think about what you hear ex NFL players and personnel that are paid for their opinion say about Fisher. Those people realize he works for an owner that has never won a SB, won't keep his great players when it's time to re-up, won't sign big time FA's and flips double barrel "birds" across a stadium of 70K.
    Small market, "conservative" organizations like Cincy, Buffalo, Jax, Minny and KC have went through 10-15 coaches in the past decade and have way less to show for it than the Titans. The Titans have had ONE player comparable to those teams Randy Moss, Cris Carter, Ocho Cinco, Carson Palmer, Jimmy Smith and Priest Holmes....Chris Johnson.
    If there were a national poll asking what coach did the most with the least in the past 10 seasons Jeff Fisher is in the top 3, PERIOD.
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  10. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    I'd rather my theorem 'es will always '.

    Fact of the matter is you don't win more then lose for 15 years by luck alone.
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