Can anyone justify Andrew Luck's decision?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Alex1939, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Gunny

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    Apparently not for Andrew Luck.
  2. Nine

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    My guess is, Luck isn't just looking at the initial payday, but at his career as a whole...a second contract and beyond. He obviously feels that in the long run, one more year of preparation and maturity would benefit him more than an extra $20M now.

    Look at guys like VY or Jamarcus Russell. Their issues weren't so much about their talent or playing ability; their biggest shortcomings were tied to their immaturity and the fact that they were ill-prepared for life as an NFL QB. Each received a rookie contract worth tens of millions of dollars....but now Russell is out of the league completely, and Vince will have to turn things around big time if he hopes to ever receive another payday.

    Luck is no idiot. If he believes an extra year of preparation at Stanford would significantly improve his chances of receiving $100M+ contract a few years down the road, then passing on $20M now probably isn't a huge issue.

    Besides....assuming we end up with some sort of rookie wage scale, I doubt these top-ten salaries will decline as sharply as some believe. I also think that while rookie wages may be cut, we'll also see a limit placed on their contract length. So instead of a $50M deal for 6 years, maybe the #1 overall pick signs for $25-30M over 4 years, and becomes eligible for that $100M+ payday two or three years earlier than the current system allows for.

    My guess is, most of the folks who are complaining about this situation are the people who believed their teams had a shot at landing Luck, or who have invested so heavily into all the Luck hype that they can't stand to wait any longer, and they want to see him in the NFL.

    Personally, I think it was Luck's decision to make, and he did what he felt would be best for himself, his family, and his future. And believe it or not....sometimes it's really NOT about the money.
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  3. Nine

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    Also....regarding the comparison to Matt Leinart's decision to stay in school back in 2005.

    The #1 Overall pick in 2005 was Alex Smith. His rookie contract was $49M over six years.

    The following year, Leinart was drafted #10 overall, and received a rookie contract worth $51M over six years. So maybe he's not regretting that decision after all.
  4. Alex1939

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    Good response Nine. That actually makes the most sense to me of any counter responses because you put in a business perspective. Certainly that makes more sense than "be a big man on campus for another year" which was the initial counter-arguments thrown against my premise.

    Ah that's right. I keep forgetting. I think I got caught up in the whole judge declaring the lockout illegal and thinking these draft picks would be signed right away. But obviously the stay has now been granted.
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