Callahan threw Superbowl vs Bucs?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Ghost, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Ghost

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    I was listening to Gannon on his talk show on sirius nfl radio. He basically called Rice and Brown out as liars. Changes in game plans happen rather often and there was no team meeting where he supposedly changed the game plan late that Friday. They were let go to do their own thing around 3 in the afternoon, thats when the center went awol to Mexico no one had an idea where he had went till after the game. He still has all of his notes and what not from that week and if anyone is to be blamed its not just Callahan but he himself would take some of the blame for throwing the picks. That game will always haunt him.

    It all sounds like a big mess to me. A team that was just not prepared enough for that Tampa defense.

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    Skip Bayless@RealSkipBayless
    If in fact Callahan changed gameplans 2 days before SBowl, maybe Al Davis ordered it, saying, "We just crushed Titans throwing. THROW IT!"
  3. Ghost

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    No they didn't crush us. That crap running back John Simon, Fisher liked so much killed us. How many fumbles did that kid have in the game.. 2? 3? His name is not even allowed to be mentioned in my house. Even though it is stenciled on my "wall of shame" in my Blue Room.

    Although he may have done us a favor by not sending us to Tampa against that Defense - Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, Warren Sapp, Greg Spires, Simeon Rice, Rhonde Barber.... easily one of the best defenses if not the best defense to set foot on a field in the last decade.
  4. Scarecrow

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    I can verify that post, I think I was about to get killed when I mentioned his name.....
  5. p_funk

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    Zack Crockett disagrees with Brown and Rice too. He says that tweeks were made to the game plan because of the center missing.
  6. The Hammer

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    I beleive that Tim Brown beleives this. And I can beleive it. The game plan and play calling by the Raiders is easily the worst I have seen in my 25 years following the NFL. It went beyond bad play calling and to me looked like the Raiders were trying to throw the game.
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