Call me overly optimistic, but I think we beat Seattle ...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by edward nigma, Oct 8, 2013.


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    Mistake-free football would be great something that looked very promising before last week. However if you take away that fluke fumble to begin the game and that last play int from Fitz that he had to force in and take a chance down field anyways that still the Titans have pretty much played mistake free football. So by that standard I mean I can see them playing competitive - I just hope it doesn't get out of hand early because then they are in deep trouble with a vanilla offensive play-caller and a weak armed QB. The 12th man in Seattle will be a huge test getting plays called in at the line.

    But as for the CJ thing - I know it sounds crazy but it isn't entirely ridiculous to think he wont crack 15.

    Just looking back at it:
    vs KC 10 carries for 17 yards
    vs NYJ 15 carries for 21 yards

    And that KC game was a close game throughout.

    So if Seattle gets off to a hot start which is entirely possible especially with that crowd noise and if CJ is getting gobbled up to begin the game by that stout D-Line of Seattle, we could be seeing a lot of passes out of Fitz to keep up. So entirely possible considering CJ has had 2 really pathedic duds this year and on the road, a slow start? We could be looking at a third dud south of 25 yards.

    Lol and yeah I know if they played Denver 20 times, with no injuries on either side and current rosters - Denver wins 100% of the time with maybe a fraction of those games being competitive.
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    I did the same exact thing last week, and it didn't work. He did reach his highest point total on the season though.

    It's set in stone if I bench a player they will have a career day. I always bench my Titans for the sake of the team. It has worked more than not.
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    That's XO yo.
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    This is a winnable game. Here's how...

    1 - Win the turnover battle
    2 - Run the ball effectively
    3 - Win TOP
    4 - Pass more out of playaction then Shotgun
    5 - Take advantage of Seattle's aggressive CB's...pump fakes, double moves, pick plays, etc
    6 - Take advantage of matchup problems (for them)
    7 - Make CJ a matchup nightmare for them in the passing game forcing them to use a CB or ET.
    8 - Catch the $#@$%# BALL!!!
    9 - Fitz must complete 60%+ and throw for more TD's then INT's.
    10 - Bironas can't miss!!!
    11 - Our D must contain Lynch and the running game (including Wilson's running)
    12 - Must collapse the pocket and KEEP Wilson in it. He's short, we are tall.
    13 - Verner can't drop INT's.
    14 - Griffin needs to be a positive factor in this game!
    15 - We MUST win the special teams phase!!!

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    Im a little concerned that playing in 3 home games in a row then going to the loudest venue on Earth will be a challenge.

    For 3 straight weeks we've had the home crowd working with us, now the other team has the crowd noise to work with them.
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    Gut, I would love to agree with you here and you make excellent points as always but here is why I am not so optimistic:

    1. Turnover battle: fitz is the qb and turns the ball over frequently
    2. I think we can run the ball and we will run better this week
    3. If fitz can't complete drives or first downs against KC, he don't do it vs seattle
    4. I would love to see play action but again fitz is the qb, he needs time and goes back to shotgun
    5. agree here
    6. agree here
    7. we don't get creative and we haven't used cj in the passing game at all, why does it start now? This blame goes Loggains
    8. dont let kenny britt play if you want the ball to be caught
    9. agree on this point
    10. bironas will miss lol
    11. we can stop the run, I am not worried here
    12. wilson is going to escape, we need a plan for when he does
    13. verner is good but when wilson escapes i am afraid of coverage breakdown with all of our guys
    14. whiffin, need I say more but good year so far, hope he keeps it up
    15. completely agree here

    above all else, communication and awareness are two underrated factors that go in to this game and it will be loud, our offense is going to have to be on the same page.
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    The most encouraging thing for me is the fact we had 8 dropped passes last week.

    If the receivers come thru this week and finish plays, we actually do stand a chance, but if they have nearly a dozen drops again, we're toast.

    Also, Mr. Britt not starting is nice, and Fitz should have knocked the rust mid game last week, so he should be ready to go.

    Its just that noise Im worried about. The freaking ground shakes, its loud as hell.
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