Bulluck Leads Players-Only Meeting

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    SUMMARY: LB Keith Bulluck led a players-only meeting on Wednesday to reunite the Titans. “It just needs to be done,” Bulluck said. “I’ve had a hard time these last three days. I couldn’t just come in here and let it ride. I stand for more than that. As a person, I stand for more than that, and I know these guys in here stand for more than that. So it’s just one of those things to let these dudes know we have 12 more games, man. We have 12 more games to play and they all don’t have to be like the first four.” Bulluck said the players, including himself, have to get the team back on track. “We’re coming together. We’re definitely coming together. I spoke with my teammates today, and we’re going to recommit ourselves, recommit ourselves to playing this game how it’s supposed to be played and take it serious and to change our approach, because whatever approach we’ve been taking obviously hasn’t been working. If that [expletive] don’t work, I don’t know what will.”

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Thread Status:
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