Browns hired ex-Titans OC Dowell Loggains

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Dman

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    It is exciting to see how much our coaching staff has changed! I will be more excited when I know more with what is going to happen with our QB position. The draft is going to be very interesting. I see Locker as a game manager but when it comes to patience in the pocket he panics and does not look comfortable and I hope we can finally go in another direction!
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  2. Alzarius

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    Ranked 19th, definitely nothing to brag about. I wasnt trying to point out how good they were. Im just tired of people screaming everyone sucks, yet we were leaps and bounds above teams like Jacksonville or Houston, whos offense SUCKED (and I mean actually sucked)

    Carrying this on to another argument, if Fitz is what made this offense click to get what it did do last season, I think that would nullify the "we are so talented" argument.

    Honestly I just think Loggains is going to be a good OC. (we have already discussed it) It sucks he ended up with the Browns because they are all screwed up right now and it could actually kill his career, as Urban mentioned before.

    I just dont see how anyone can look at how our formations and plays were drawn up, and say that Loggains sucks. He got quite a bit out of a bunch of nothing, showed the willingness to adapt, and he kept us in every game offensively except the 49ers.... yet everyone keeps talking about how badly he sucks. Something had to be working right last season so it was the running game, passing game, or the play design (i wont say playcalling, he did blow it a few times last season but its to be expected with his first year)

    Many within the organization have refereed to him as a genius, and I think he will end up showing that ability if put into the right position. (Titans and Browns arent ideal for ANYONE)

    I do know that now we have something like 19 coaches and the only teams who have more, were all in the playoffs last year so Im hoping that trend carries on to next season. Would be awesome to be able to watch our team play after the regular season again.
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    I don't believe Loggains is actually terrible, I just think he is young and I do not think he would be a good fit for this team. He did well considering the pieces he had around him. Inconsistent, injury prone QBs, a running back that, IMO, half assed it. Only one real reliable target a WR and an offensive line that was just flat out awful.

    With that being said, even if Wiz wasn't calling the plays, I don't think he would have had success here. He needs to go to a team with an established QB and further refine his skills. I don't think I ever said 'well WTF were we doing there' in reference to play calling maybe but just a few times. Every team does that. I think Loggains should have tried his hand in the college game over the Browns. If I had a legit chance at a position in the NFL, I'd avoid Cleveland like the plague.
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  4. RavensShallBurn

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    Well the Browns hired Kyle Shanahan to be OC.

    Poor Dowell.
  5. 615nick

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    lowgains was/is not a good oc. his play calling was more predictable than a high school teams. Our talent made him look better than he was and he still looked bad. It was almost comical that my 10 yr old brother could tell you the plays we were running 75% of the time. Lastly he did not do a good job imo of adapting to our team, he ran his postit note playbook and didn't change it up at all.
  6. Alzarius

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    Didnt change it at all?

    So let me get this straight... you noticed no change when Locker went down and Fitz came in? Then you either didnt watch the Titans or didnt pay attention.

    As for adapting to the talent, ever wonder why Wright led the league (or close to it) for 3rd down conversions? Its because of the play caller, designing plays to get our most reliable WR free on those plays.

    Another thing he adapted to? The run game sucking, so he passed more. Something that ultimately was a key to him being let go.

    The "predictable play calling" knock is one that has been over used by every fan who was not a fan of the OC. I call BS on your 10 year old brother calling 75 percent of the plays... a gross over exaggeration. Not only that, I doubt he knows that many plays actually exists in an NFL game. Now if you are saying he can say its a run or a pass... well theres a 50/50 chance either way so you are bound to hit on some when you scream "its a run/pass" at the TV

    There were times when DL called some bad plays, and that happens by EVERY OC in the league, so a first year OC with little experience.... yea itll happen.

    If Fitz would have started all season, he would have had a career year here with the Titans.

    Ill tell you what, besides generic knocks, give me examples of why Loggains was a bad OC and Ill be happy to point out otherwise. (to do this, I am going to need more than 2-3 bad plays, every offense has those throughout a season)

    Loggains knew how to design plays. I am not saying he was amazing, but he was a good enough OC that if we had some more talent on the offensive side of the ball (or a run game, or a QB), then he would not be a QB coach for the Browns this season. Now that he is... itll be quite some time before anyone ever knows what Loggains would or would not have been.
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    Loggains can now go back to his original position where he belongs. Even though I wanted to see him be the Browns OC.
  8. crypta333

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    Good for Bilbo. Glad he found a place to land.
  9. 615nick

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    I have to do some research to find exact plays. I meant he doesn't adapt during games. Wait and see how much better our run game is when hes not calling the plays. My 10 yr old brother could tell you run or pass at about a 75% rate, thats either really lucky, hes a genius or the play calls were predictable. I could also easily predict the plays at this rate or better and so could the other teams
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  10. Alzarius

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    Bleh, it doenst matter anymore. Hes gone, and he wont be an OC again for a while so maybe we will revisit this a few years down the road
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