Brown gets early hook against Cards

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    makes sense, just my frustration is gone like a lot of people! That is all but you make perfect sense!
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    Like in the other thread, people scream for accountability and whenever people are held accountable, we get a lot of.... GAH OUR COACHES SO STU!

    Can't have it both ways.

    As far as Brown, he hasn't been good this year. I hated the pick and that was because of his attitude and effort at UNC. I hope he deals with this the right way and it makes him a better player.
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    I doubt you will ever hear Belichick say he doesn't know about decisions made on his staff. If he wanted to keep it in house he would simply say that at the given time they felt the substitution gave them a better chance to win and then leave it at that.
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    Titans coach Mike Munchak said linebacker Zach Brown started out poorly in Sunday’s game against Arizona, which is why the team made a quick decision to replace him.

    Brown, a second-round draft pick in 2012, started against the Cardinals, but played just six snaps. He was replaced after a 26-yard completion to Arizona running back Andre Ellington.

    Rookie linebacker Zaviar Gooden stepped in for Brown and got 43 snaps.

    “We have high expectations for Zach,” Munchak said of Brown, who has the second-most tackles on the team (104) and is tied for second in sacks (four). “Last year, he came on strong the last part of the year with some big plays, with some sacks and interceptions, and things kind of fell his way, so we expected a lot from him.

    “We feel the last few weeks isn’t quite what we want to see … We felt that when the game started off, he was a little flat, so we gave Zaviar a chance to play. We thought he was pretty solid when he was in there, so that’s kind of the way it played out.”

    What, Munchak was asked, does Brown need to improve upon?

    “A little bit of everything – (he’s) just inconsistent on what he’s being asked to do,” Munchak said. “He just needs to play better … You go through a season and you want guys to play at a certain level, and there’s some inconsistencies.”

    Gooden, a third-round pick last April, hadn’t played a single defensive down prior to the Denver game, in large part because he’d been battling injuries. But he started against Denver and played 32 snaps before seeing even more action against Arizona.

    “We’ve been trying to create a little competition there,” Munchak said. “We need to find the right mix and we need to find a way to create turnovers and to get off the field. So a lot of times it’s mixing and matching people to see if different combinations can help us more. That’s what we’re in the middle of doing.

    “Turnovers and getting the ball, we’ve been struggling to do that. This is part of the process of trying to find a way to do that.”

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    Munch is flat every day of his life.
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    I'm actually impressed with Munchak for having that phiosophy and approach. I can't attest if he is accurate in his assessment. I'm assuming he is relying upon his defensive staff's assessment.
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    So true.
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    Brown has definitely been lacking in coverage, tackling and pass rushing the past few games, but so has Fokou and Ayers. Fokou is probably making the most mistakes of the 3 though.
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    You just decide after 6 plays that he's not playing well enough to bench him the WHOLE GAME???

    That's doesn't sound like cause and effect... Sounds like a spiteful benching.
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    This is something Fisher would not have done.
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