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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Northern Titan, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. GoTitans3801

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    Northern Titan,
    Fact is, the Raiders didn't sign Brooks to be their long term QB. They signed him for a two year deal. They'll give him another chance, and OF COURSE if he blows it away and looks great they'll keep him. But they've signed him to this deal BECAUSE they're going to draft whichever of the three falls to them. I'm pretty sure they've made a comment about how they like his experience and ability to train a younger qb.
    Brooks is no slouch? I spent my undergrad at Tulane, and had my heart broken by that guy multiple times each season. He can put up stats, he can make you believe, but he can't get it done. He may have put up a 24/8 TD/INT ratio three seasons ago, but look at him since then. For those seasons his ratio was 58/39, with 13 fumbles. The fumbles were horrible too, anyone see the one that he "threw" backwards for -20 yards? I'm sure he'll be a decent sub for two years while the Raiders new, young QB gets some time to grow, but they're not keeping him around unless something changes...
  2. Where does Andrew Walter go? What happens if Brooks DOES do well in Oakland? Isn't it premature to be able to answer both of these questions?
  3. GLinks

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    Never. Brooks is a two-year stop-gap. If a potential franchise QB falls to them, that's great to Al Davis. They'll live with a San Diego situation. They'll move someone along if need be, be it Brooks or Walter. Most likely Brooks because Walter is cheap to them for several years.
  4. RollTide

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    Brooks is dreaming...

    ...of the day he will be as good as steve mcnair.
  5. Raider9175

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    Raiders most likely will draft a Qb but it won't be in first round. Heres the deal . Raiders love Andrew Walter and think hes the Qb of the future.(just don't know if hes ready) M tuiasosopo will most likely be released at some point . There reason why Raiders reneged on their promise to let him start the last four games. HE a WCO QB ill suited for raiders deep vertical offense. All it took is first five passes against Jets to realize he had no future in Oakland.
    Look for a trade with possible Ravens or cardinals at Raiders number 7 pick if one QBs is still available.
  6. Fry

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    if the raiders aren't going to draft a qb in the first round, whats the point of drafting one after that if they love walter so much?

    i just dont see the logic in drafting two qbs in two years in a row in the second or third rounds, especially if you think the first can be the future starter.
  7. titansfan9

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    exactly there is no logic, you love Walter and say he is the QB of the future yet you go and get another QB of the future, its a waste
  8. Raider9175

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    First you have to look at A brooks. HE did alot better when Saints ran a vertical offense. (best numbers) The Saints last couple years ran a WCO offense and he hasn't done as great. lets see what he does with R moss and raiders vertical offense. Is Brooks an elite QB - of course not
    He probably makes as many mistakes as Collins. What he has is legs(can buy extra second or two) and if you saw the NFL QB competition out threw every QB by 20 yards. That one to two seconds, is all he needs for Raiders WR to gain an advantage on any secondary.
    Another fact Lets see If Brooks beats out Walter for starting job. (no sure thing)
    Raiders aren't drafting a QB in first round because AL Davis health is deteriotiating. Hes going to draft at a position that going to give his team the most impact in 2006. NO QB in this draft is farther along than A walter(has year under his belt)
  9. Raider9175

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    Just to protect yourself if Walter gets injured or if hes turns out to fall below your expectations. (not guy he thought he was) R Leaf, J Harrington,R Mirer, Akili Smith, ETC were Qbs teams once thought were Qbs of there future. Didn't the Atlanta Falcons have a Qb they drafted named brett favre.(second round) Patriots had a QB and drafted Tom brady. Its not like raiders drafted a QB in top five of draft in 2005(Had alot money invested) and did exact same thing the following year.
    Protect yourself and A walter turns out like you expected than you have a nice trade bait .
  10. Gunny

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    or you have another M. Tuiasosososososospo.
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