Brooks signs with Oakland

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Northern Titan, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Gunny

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    the way I could see it is Brooks starts this year and they draft a QB as well.

    next year the rookie QB will be starting with Brooks as back-up.
  2. Not really. There's no reason they have to keep Marques Tuiasosopo around past camp. If he hasn't done anything through 5 years, it's safe to say he's not ever going to...
  3. The keyword you used is "past camp." I think the Raiders will be willing to give Tuiasosopo (and Walter) an opportunity to challenge Brooks for the starting job. Of course, at that point, the draft will have passed and the Raiders without a 1st Round QB.

    If the Raiders decide to trade or release Tuiasosopo, they might draft a QB. But until that happens, I don't think the Raiders are in line of a QB.

    Tuiasosopo has lived under the shadow of Rich Gannon and Kerry Collins his entire career, and has never given a chance to start consistently. Many Raider fans (I went to one of their fansites) believe that Tuiasosopo would've done better than Collins, but the obstinate Turner stuck with Collins until he ran himself (and Collins) out of town...
  4. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    the most popular guy in town is the back-up qb in some cities.

    i would rather have one of the big three than Tuiasosopo.
  5. They can quite easily draft a QB in April and go to camp with all 4 QBs. Then they can cut Tuiasosopo later.
    I'd rather have one of the Big Three than Tuiasosopo. However, given the situation, in which you already have a starting QB for the next two years AND 3rd Round QB you drafted last year, it just doesn't make sense to draft a QB.

    It'll be a different situation if Tuiasosopo gets cut before the draft, but until that happens, I don't think the Raiders will draft a QB.
  7. They obviously won't cut him before the draft. But that has no bearing on whether they are going to draft a QB.

    Do you think us having Matt Mauck on the roster has any impact on whether we will draft a QB?
  8. I understand where you're going with that question. Many teams clearly don't bring their #3 QB into consideration when drafting a potential franchise QB.

    However, there is a difference with the situation in Oakland. Brooks should have been brought in to become a long-term solution. Some may argue that he is just a band-aid for the Raiders' QB corps... Then why do you bring him in? No team in the NFL or any league for that matter, should sign a player knowing that he will fail. Brooks was signed because the Raiders' management believed that he has the potential to become the future of the franchise.

    I have no clue what Al Davis is concocting but IMO, the least Davis can do is to give Brooks the benefit of the doubt. What does it say to Brooks if the Raiders do draft a QB in the 1st round? "Sorry, we're going to kick you out next year." What about Walter? "We've never seen you play... but you're probably not going to be our future QB."

    Remember, Brooks is no slouch. He did post 24 TDs and 8 INTs, just three seasons ago and has a 80 career QB rating. Maybe all he needs is a change of scenery? If he doesn't live up to par in his first season, great, get Walter in there and see what he can do. Tuiasosopo will be the 3rd string QB, but I'm sure he'll prove to be a legitimate challenge for atleast the backup role.

    Hold off on that pick, and give Brooks/Walter/Tui a chance.
  9. Tackhead #9

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    I can buy into Brooks succeeding with a change of scenery, I've always felt he was a pretty good QB. Just a tiny smidgen under an 80 rating right now.

    My thought about the Raiders drafting a QB is, how often are you going to get a trio as hyped as Leinart/Young/Cutler? I don't follow college ball very often, are there any prospects who will be eligible in upcoming years who look as good?
    Go back to last year, the two QBs were Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers. Again, I didn't get to see them play in college, was there a great deal of hype surrounding either of them?

    Regardless, Raiders have a fair few issues; they would probably be best-suited to spend that pick elsewhere, it just seems an enticing option to take a shot if any of the QBs are still available.
  10. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    IMO the Raiders could be high on VY (or Cutler) and signed Brooks to play while whoever they draft gets groomed. Could be the guy they really want is Young and I could see them working a deal with us to move up and assure they get him. We could still get Cutler at #7 but there would some risk. It all depends on what NO does with their pick (trade?).
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