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    INDIANAPOLIS Wide receiver Kenny Britt had by far his most productive day of the season with eight catches for 143 yards in the 27-23 loss to the Colts.

    He hadn’t posted more than six catches or more than 70 yards in any of his 10 previous games of 2012.

    Britt was especially effective in the first half, catching all five passes thrown his way, for 127 yards. He made a pair of 46-yard catches in the second quarter, hauling the second one in with his left hand despite a pass interference penalty on the play.

    In the second half he had only three receptions for 16 yards. Quarterback Jake Locker tried to connect with Britt on the Titans’ final drive, but missed him going deep down the left sideline on a third-and-10.

    The Colts adjusted their coverage on Britt, according to coach Mike Munchak.

    “They started pressing him a little more and doing some things like that,” he said.

    Britt declined to speak to the media after the game for the second straight week.

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