Breakpoint - I'm done.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, Oct 4, 2010.

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    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    I'd bet most people on this site have spent a lot of money compared to the casual Titans fan.
  2. Titanup1982

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    I will never jump ship. I wish you could ask my friends about how passionate i am toward my Titans. I've broke plenty of cellphones and many more things :lol:

    Having Jeff Fisher here is like eating burgers without any toppings daily. It's just not fun anymore. I wasn't a Jeff Fisher hater until last year.

    Also, what makes him such a great coach like the media tends to think? He use to be a good coach, and so did Bobby Bowden, Don Shula, and many more coaches.. The keyword is "USE"
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  3. Titan_Cam

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    More crap. I don't think you even read his post.
  4. RollTide

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    We were 13-3 2 years in a row and fans complained we were not entertaining enough. I guess that's Fisher's job not to win games but to entertain.

    By the way Shula's dolphins averaged 12-13 passes a game when they won back to back super bowls and they had a hall of fame QB, coach! Boring coach!
  5. Childress79

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    I'm at the point where I don't want to put myself through watching the same crap from the comfort of my own home.

    Fisher is like Tom Landry and Don Schula in their last 5 years. Respected but out of touch and out coached week in week out.

    Being a Titans fan is tough.

    I find the wilderness seasons easier to handle. You can laugh about it when you know you suck.

    We have the players to win it all IMO,we just don't have the organisation behind them to get it done.
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  6. The Don

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    I have to be honest Riverman, in that I went through those same feelings on the way home from the game, last night, and into today.

    I am so terribly tired and frustrated of the philosophy of the staff and the coaches. I'm sure there are reasons with in the organization to keep things the way they are, but I am ready to change house. I am so willing that I am ready to endure the once-again bottom out of a new coaches, and that learning period.

    I am contemplating the same feelings you are in regard to tickets and even my PSLs. i still own my PSLs in Charlotte, but the tickets have been harder and harder to sell there.

    You are not alone in this process, as over the last few seasons more and more "new people" are sitting around me each game.

    I was done after the last HFA and one and done. He should have been gone then.
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  7. eds clothing

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    Hey I feel your pain My brother offered me a Ticket for this week game. He and six of his friends who are huge Cowboys fans will be there. I'm having second thoughts on getting embarrassed there and having to listen to them for 4Qt with the beat down I expect coming.
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  8. RollTide

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    I like this team. I see a team that plays with more emotion and fire then we have seen here in a long time.

    I see a bunch of guys who really want to win and play as hard as they can.

    I would like Childress to explain how "out of touch" the coaching staff is and specifically why. I guess a real coach would have called a time out before the long pass that resulted in a penalty and first in goal at our one. He should have had the psychic ability to know something bad was going to happen.

    And Mariani's fumble? A real coach would have pulled Marian out of the game realizing that Karma was going to be bad on that play. fisher is totally uncool when it comes to karma..

    Bottom line is if some players don't screw up we win that game and are 3-1. Is fisher in touch if we are 3-1?

    William Hayes was totally down on himself for not making a play and Witherspoon should be able to cover Buckholder 1 on 1. It's a tough loss but if some of you fans want to go scratch your arses next sunday and not watch the game fine.

    This team is not quitting even if some of you are.
  9. RollTide

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  10. Titan_Cam

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    I know you follow this forum way too much to even ask that question. Fisher being out of touch is true irregardless of our record. We could be 4-0 and that would be the case. The issue is that the Titans have to play extremely mistake free to win with Fisher's style. Other teams can overcome mistakes more easily, but with Fisher's style the margin for error is extremely little. Is it impossible? No, but it is asking an awful lot. It is like Hope said postgame about having to play a perfect 70 snaps and not being able to do it.

    The issue is not so much the outcome of this one game. It's why are we repeatedly in this situation?
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