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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky See that byline above in italics? If allowed, I'd simply scratch out my name and put Jason Paradise's there. Because everything below here came from Paradise, who works for ESPN Research. He had as good a day tracking Peyton Manning Sunday as Manning had quarterbacking the Colts to a giant win.
    Here we go:
    Manning has to like playing the Ravens. Indy's won six in a row against Baltimore including the playoffs, and Manning has a career record of 6-2 against them. The Colts have not lost to the Ravens since 2001.

    Manning vs. Ravens vs. all other teams vs. Ravensvs. other teamsPass yards per game282259.3TDs per game2.31.9INTs0.431.0QB rating106.194.0 The Ravens' secondary played without injured cornerback Samari Rolle and safety Dawan Landry. Manning took advantage throwing two touchdowns on passes thrown over 15 yards. He had only one TD pass of over 15 yards in his team's first four games.

    Manning's 2008 passes over 15 yards Comp.Att. YardsTDsINTsRating15+ yards5914020130.8 Manning also threw his first touchdowns of the season on third down. The Colts went into this game just 13th in third down efficiency at 40.4 percent. In 2007 they were first at 49.3. Sunday they were seven-for-14.

    Manning's third down efficiency
    On third down vs. RavensFirst four gamesComp. Perc.77.866.7TDs20INTs01Rating140.078.9 Manning focused mostly on his top three receivers Sunday, Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison and Anthony Gonzalez. While things were a lot better between Manning and Harrison, they are still having some timing issues -- four of the five incompletions to Harrison resulted from passes that appeared to be overthrown.

    Manning's third down efficiency Reggie WayneMarvin HarrisonAnthony GonzalezTargets1084Completions734TDs120

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