Breakdown of the running game vs. Jets/Chiefs

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    This kills me... this team was built with the idea to run the ball.

    At least, that's what it seemed like during the off-season. It seemed the idea was we would be a Power Running Team with a good D - with Locker being an added variable that D's couldn't figure out.

    Unfortunately, this has not been the case... the run game is not going well and Jake has been carrying the team. Even without injury, this type of play will only get you so far if the thing you are "meant" to be isn't working. Eventually, the winning-in-spite-of-this would stop and reality would creep in that without that big dimension... we're sunk.

    We are a Power Running Team... that can't run the ball. Does not bode well...
  2. UrbanLegend3

    UrbanLegend3 Pro Bowler

    We looked so good running the ball in the preseason. I almost miss August right about now.
  3. titanflamer

    titanflamer Starter

    In other words, average American kids? LOL
  4. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    I've only re-watched half of the Jets game as Ive been pretty busy but in general, TJ is right on with descriptions. However, I notice a few other problems lending to our inability to run.

    I mentioned after the Jets game that most of our passes were out of the shotgun and most of our runs are NOT out of the shotgun. I wondered if this was to help Locker, but this isn't a good situation strategically.

    If you are a power running team who wants to hurt people in the passing game and simplify reads for your QB, you run play-action out of the same running formations and take advantage of the LB's moving forward for the run instead of defending their zones. Instead of playaction being our bread and butter passing play types when we're not in 3rd and long, we rarely use playaction for the style we are trying to be.

    So when the D goes 8 or 9 in the box and we are NOT in shotgun, there is a very high percentage we are running it...advantage...defense. This really shows up on the 2nd level of the defense where our OL is having a hard time getting to them. Why? They don't have to be concerned about the pass very much so they are running downhill A LOT!!!

    In addition, it seems to me we are running the same running plays over and over. When we try mis-direction more often then not we are giving up pentration at or near the point of attack or we can't hold a block. In addition, the LB's are flowing faster due to playcalling and formation cues.

    There is no way our RB coach is telling CJ to slowly get the ball and wait for daylight. Just like Battle does for the most have to attack the LOS. Even on plays that give him a designed cutback, that not something you wait on. Cutbacks are created when the RB forces the point of attack and someone(s) overcommit opening up the cutback. If you don't attack the hole, no cutback is created as LB's don't need to overcommit because you're tentative and our blocking isn't holding up.

    Our OL need to block better both individually and together, CJ needs to get back to attacking the hole with authority and making the first person miss if he does get to the outside, we need to be more creative with our run designs from type to formation, Loggains needs to call the plays better so we don't know what's coming 80% of the time, and when we are having difficulty, we need to play more power runs and cut the pulling. Also, a lot of our TE blocking has been suspect. LB's the last couple of weeks have manhandled them at times.

    I think when Shonn Greene comes back, he's gonna get a lot of carries and the Titans will try to pound the ball between the tackles. If CJ doesn't get HIS act together, he may not be our starting RB next year.

    As I said, I haven't watched the Chiefs game again, but I suspect we were NOT running many plays to take advantage that the Chiefs like to run a lot of man coverage. Bubble screens, pick plays, double crosses, rb screen plays, putting CJ in space and isolating him on a defender or force them to play zone. I know kendall did a couple of crosses and we threw a few slants but I was expecting to see some new stuff to take advantage of the Chiefs. Loggains should watch some of the Saints and broncos games! They are very creative! And we could use CJ in some similar ways to how the Saints use Sproles. But no.

    The good news, even with all that, spotting them a TD on special teams and another couple of turnovers AND Fitz looking like no one was ever open, we were winning this game and if not for a bad Personal Foul called, we might have won the game.

    Even so, we need to get our act together across the board or this Seattle game might get ugly fast.

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  5. cdubbs2121

    cdubbs2121 Pro Bowler

    Not the titans lol

  6. cdubbs2121

    cdubbs2121 Pro Bowler

    Lol we've broken down same issues every week on here the past 2 years.

    More than likely.

    1. Our offensive line won't get better.
    2. Cj isn't going to do anything without a solid O-Line.
    3. We're not going to get creative.
    4. We're not going to change what we're doing when it doesn't work.
    5. We're not going to take advantage of playmakers in space. (I could see this one on the Titans ten commandments board)

    Nothing is going to change til we fire these slubs for coaches that are here just because they've been loyal to the franchise and go out OUTSIDE OF THE ORGANIZATION and get some innovative F'n coaches.
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  7. Gut

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    I'd disagree with you on a few points. The OL SHOULD get better and SOON!!! Warmack should improve from a technique standpoint as well as getting used to the quality and tricks he's facing off against week to week. Additionally, 3 new OL takes time to gel. I'm seeing a lot of mistakes caused by one guy thinking someone's getting someone else and it's not happening. One way teams are taking advantage of this is by blitzing someone at the last second where the OL needs to adjust on the fly.

    Levitre, Stewart and Roos need to be rock solid and they havent been as consistent as they should be. Turner is not as bad as people think. He's not going to the Pro Bowl this year, but we didn't sign the best OC in the league either so you can't expect him to be. Funny how Turner attracts everyone's ire but Levitre - the highest paid OG in free agency has made too many mistakes with few calling him out.

    Loggains is also a 'rookie' and should improve. Hopefully, he understands when something isn't working it's not just because Turner didn't get the ILB, but sometimes the playcalling is making it harder to get the job done. Like all coaches, he needs to put our guys in the best play/position to utilize their strengths and give us the best chance to succeed. We aren't doing that nearly as much as i'd like!
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    I wish CJ would say screw it and start bouncing thins back outside again what does he have to lose.
  9. TitanJeff

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    Munch said as much this week. Let's hope Warmack is a fast learner.

    He's struggled at times but I didn't see anything close to the level of the problems Turner and Warmack were having in the last two games.

    And your point about the TEs also struggling at times is dead on. I saw each struggle at some point.

    It seems overly predictable to me. I understand the goal of simplifying for the sake of execution but when execution fails, it makes defending this offense easier, IMO.
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  10. TitansWillWin2

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    Hate to break it to you but if we dont change up our scheme as in throw more out of the I formation then Shonn Greene isn't gonna do a damn thing. I'd be willing to bet that the percentage of times we throw the ball with the qb under center is under 25%
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