Bowen is officially DC

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Chronos, Jan 29, 2021.

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    I’m not excited either and if our defense had sucked last year stacked with uninsured talent I would be really pissed. No one us know whether he will work out or not, get the talent on defense and see what happens, was it the QB coach or OCs fault Locker or Mariota couldn’t get it done? If you don’t have the players you don’t, I don’t care if you dig up Dick Lebeau in his prime. I don’t think anyone could have done anything with that defense.
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    Titans Promote Todd Downing to OC, Elevate Shane Bowen to DC as Mike Vrabel Sets Staff

    Bowen joined the Titans after spending two seasons with the Houston Texans as a defensive assistant. In 2017, the Texans ranked fifth in third-down defense and set a franchise record for fewest yards per carry by opponents (3.97). In 2016, he was part of a coaching staff that produced the NFL's top-ranked defense (301.3 yards allowed per game) for the first time in franchise history. The 2016 squad, which also gave up the fewest first downs (17.0) and second-fewest net passing yards (201.6) per game, won the AFC South Division and advanced to the Divisional Playoff Round.

    Before joining the Texans, Bowen was hired by Kennesaw State University in 2013 as one of the first coaches to help launch the school's new football program. He spent the 2012 campaign as a defensive graduate assistant at Ohio State. The 2012 season at Ohio State was the first time Bowen and Vrabel were on the same staff. They reunited from 2016-17 with the Texans.

    Can sum these 2 paragraphs up in 1 sentence - "Vrabel gives gig to his buddy"

    I see debate in the previous pages on this statement - but I think if the D stays the same or gets worse, Vrabel starts to feel the pressure, and rightly so.
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  4. Dman5TX

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    The offense and Arthur Smith sucked until we changed QB’s.
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    Correct... personnel matters. We got better at QB and took off. Talent makes coaches look really good.
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  6. SouthSide1

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    LOL Bruh... who does he know???? Matter fact what defensive FA impact player do you know would want to come to Tennessee after the way our defense looked under Bowen???
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    Only on the Titans can someone be rewarded for failing miserably at their jobs. Not a surprise though as the Titans basically telegraphed what they were doing with only interviewing minority coaches to get by the Rooney rule. I still will not be surprised if the Titans bring in some "assistant head coach" to help Bowen with the defense.

    Basically, Vrabel keeps his lapdog and gives a big FU to the media for questioning him about the DC. Vrabel rewards loyalty, I will give him that. However, Vrabel better hope his loyalty is rewarded down the line with better defensive play, or the same fate that befell Mularkey could happen to Vrabel in a couple of years.

    In addition, the "hire" is a demonstration that they see it as mainly a personnel problem on the defense, not scheme. as fans, we shall see if they are right. At the least, Vrabel's role in the defense should hopefully diminish.
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    Well we coulda won a superbowl with this offense but we are going to flounder around for a couple years... contact up on aj. Henry hits age 30, contract up on tannehill and we are back in rebuilding mode. Perpetual mediocrity
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