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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Chronos, Jan 29, 2021.

  1. Chronos

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    Especially not if we play 17...
  2. Riverman

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    First of all, I don’t believe in “blaming” people. There is a difference between being at fault and being responsible for an event. Sometimes a person does nothing wrong but still their job requires them to be responsible for an outcome. That’s the essence of being a professional.

    in regards to edge rushers which was the topic of that post, JRob failed (for whatever reason) to acquire productive edge rushers. Landry has been about it for past several years.
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    Unless there are a rash of season ending injuries in our superstars there is no way you can see 6-10 written all over this team. That’s just absurd. We play the Jags and Texans twice, that’s 4 wins, I figure we split with Indy. That’s 5. We play the Jets, that’s 6. The Steelers will suck, that’s 7. Patriots suck, That’s 8. I could go on and on,,, the Chiefs and Rams are the only teams that scare me.

    This is a roll out of bed and win 10 games team right now. We are going to win one we shouldn’t and lose one we shouldnt.

    Fix the defense and they could get 12 or 13 wins, if we stay fairly healthy.

    But get out of here with that 6-10 crap. If coaching mattered so much why weren’t the Patriots in the SB last year?
  4. Rwill

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    You know what they say.. there is a reason we play the games. Win some you shouldnt win, lose some you shouldnt lose.

    Next season is another season where I have no idea what to expect. We could be bad or we could be good.
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  5. Titanic_Sub

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    You can't just say we're going to sweep the jags and Texans lol. We only beat the jags by 3 points the first time around, they're adding Trevor Lawrence. The cows always play us tough, and yeah they'll probably stink next year but we lost to the Bengals this year. Jets stunk this year, but gase is gone now, can't imagine they don't improve. Steelers beat us last season lol. Patriots had half their good players opt out and will have a new qb, can't say thats a W either.

    Now we're down our OC, kept the same garbage DC, could lose jonnu/hump/cd/king/brown. Our first rounder from last season is likely gone. To say we roll out of bed and win 10 games is simply ignorant. We could, but it's far from a forgone conclusion.
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  6. TitanMark

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    Ok.. I’ll play.... who is the Patriots QB? I’m sure they will get one, but who is it?
    So they get back some defense? But it wasn’t half their good players, that’s just a lie. Hightower and Chung are the only players who opted out that could be called good. And ? They don’t have a QB. Name me the team in this league who wins without a very good or elite QB? Name it?

    The Steelers are in MUCH worse shape than we are cap wise. They have an aging QB who looked horrible at seasons end. They are losing one of their top WRs Smith-Schuster and a key to their defense in Dupree. They lost their all world center. They may lose their starting RB Conner, They are $8 million over the cap. Big Ben costs $41 million against the cap this season. He has to re do his deal or retire, which he might do. In that case the Steelers will be a 6 win team.

    I don’t care who beat who last season that’s not relevant. But since you brought it up, I can then say we will sweep the Texans and Jags... we just did. The Texans are bad, like historically bad. I don’t care how they normally play us. They have no talent, Watt gone, Watson will be gone, no Fuller etc etc. locker room issue. No way you can argue otherwise. The Jags probably draft Lawrence,,. and? Will other bet better? Probably, but not much. Not yet. The Titans are a much better team top to bottom right now.

    The Jets could be on their way back, but not next season.

    We roll out of bed and win 10 games without major injuries, That isn’t ignorant. It’s looking at our talent and the schedule and making a logical assessment.

    I love how you make all these excuses for all these other teams, especially teams in worse shape than us, but you just hammer your alleged own team. If you cant imagine your team being good for years and beating teams that have traditionally beat us then I can’t help you. But don’t point your pessimism at those of us ho look at things rationally actually look at facts.

    Any bet you want on Titans vs Texans being a sweep next year, any. Step up or shut up.
  7. Rwill

    Rwill Starter

    Next Pat qb will be Mariota of course.
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