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Discussion in 'Gear' started by Deuce Wayne, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    "The only hitch in this plan is a major one: it's not as easy, enjoyable, or consistent to use as the iPhone,"

    Once again with this "it's easy!" argument for anything apple related. It makes me wonder just how dumb most people trying to figure out an mp3 player or phone truly are. Actually...when most of them are just as easy, I just simply don't understand it.
    Basically "We like this product because a 7 year old can use it. That makes it better!"
  2. Ease of use is a huge factor in people buying technology. Most products don't catch on if they are more complicated than most consumers want to deal with.

    Apple is just better than most other tech companies at making things easy to use.
  3. vslyke

    vslyke In Dinger We Trust

    I will say this about Apple. The iTouch is way ahead of any other MP3 player.

    It looks nice, but it doesn't have music like the iPhone. Then again, it's way cheaper, and it's on a better network.
  4. The iPod touch is also a very competitive mobile games platform now in addition to being an elite media player.
  5. Tuckfro42

    Tuckfro42 Frozen Donkey Wheel

    I'll never understand the anti-mac types who wants things to be harder than they need to be. Does it make you feel superior using something that takes twice the time, effort, and research than does the Mac equivalent?

    Oh, and consistency is a pretty big deal when choosing a phone.
  6. VolnTitan

    VolnTitan Starter

    With Blackberry, aren't the monthly fees pretty large with Verizon? Not sure, just asking.
  7. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    No, it doesn't make me feel superior operating an mp3 player with almost the EXACT same setup as the ipod but with less cuteness. That's the thing - Mac products aren't easier to use. How are they easier? lol They have the same basic setup that everyone else does. Having cute buttons doesn't make things any easier.

    And as far as the itouch being elite, it's because most mp3 players are used for...OMG! get this! - playing mp3s. So they don't focus on stupid little games that no one will play after 15 minutes or a freaking touch screen. It's just silly to even have one. Unless you have money to wipe your tail with- but in that case, why not just get the version that calls people? Apple doesn't make any sense, but they're absolutely brilliant when it comes to raping gullible consumers.

    - and the verizon data package is 30 a month for the BB.
  8. __pg

    __pg Digital Ninja

    Wow this is crazy! "Mac products aren't easy to use", really? "Apple doesn't make sense." hahaha that's hilarious. Either Mac or Windows are perfect platforms but wow.

    Everyone I know that has had a blackberry has ditched it for something else. The last 2 folks went with the iPhone. I haven't seen the Storm but judging only by the commercial, (speaking of making no sense, random guy picks up a phone and emails some random person???) I can't imagine where they got the touch screen/turning screen ideas.

  9. The whole point is that the iPod touch isn't just an mp3 player. If you want just an mp3 player, Apple has those. Or, if you want a built in web browser, a bigger screen for video, games, and all sorts of other apps then the touch if what might interest you (assuming you don't want a phone built in, too).

    And the sales figures show it. They also show that people want just portable gaming systems (how many Gameboys were sold? DS? PSP?). So why wouldn't Apple want to tap into that market?
  10. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer Tip Jar Donor

    PSP and DS are selling like they are the greatest things ever made.
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