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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TheSureThing, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. TheSureThing

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    I just got a blackberry bold 9000 and I'm trying to set up wifi so that it doesn't charge me when I browse the internet because I don't have a data plan.

    I followed online instructions and I think i have it figured out but my question is for those of you who have Blackberry's, the icon that comes up in the top right with the 2 squares connected by a bigger dotted line square that light up green when you browse anywhere, is that an icon that tells you your using your data plan and will be charged for it? Or is it just an irrelevant icon that tells you its loading?

    For some reason I'm paranoid that when I use my browser its still using the data plan and charging me when it should be on wifi.
  2. Childress79

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    Dude, you'll see that symbol no matter how you connect.
    It's just the browser internet connection symbol

    WiFi only works for networks that you set up such as your home wireless or Starbucks free wireless.

    To make use of it you need add each 'free wireless network you connect to.
    You can't add your home wifi and then go for a drive and stay connected to it.

    Wifi will commonly have a range of 50Metres from the access point.

    WiFi hotspot zones are available but you'll usually have to login to an account to benefit from them and they're not free. They just offer a more robust connection than your mobile provider.

    To add a network:
    browse to 'manage connections' via the blackberry menu button(the one with the blackberry symbol on it)

    follow the wizard to add a new connection

    your Blackberry will use the best conection to browse so should use available wifi over your providers connection

    If your really worried about it you can diasble your mobile connection while connected to WiFi but then you can't make or receive calls.

    WiFi is only for your Data conection.
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