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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by nickel, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. TitanJeff

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    Ever wonder why most coaches reserve their comments on anything before watching game film? It's because it allows them to look at a flaw from every angle. They can watch the OL, then the WRs, then the QB, etc. and get the full picture of why something worked or didn't.

    Apparently, when the coaches watched film of the preseason games, they felt too many of the breakdowns were on Volek. As I have mentioned before, I saw Volek check down to a five yard pass while Roydell Williams ran free down the sidelines. That is only ONE instance I saw because I was focused on Williams and not Volek. Most of the time, we watch the ball and don't focus on one receiver.

    I still think there had to be some issues beyond Volek's play in the preseason games which caused this chain of events to unfold. But if Fisher/Chow noticed a trend with Volek missing reads and it wasn't improving throughout camp and the preseason, then bringing in Collins makes sense.
  2. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    I disagree. It never makes sense to start a QB with only 2 weeks of experience with the team. I have no problem with bringing in Collins for competition, but don't start him until he's proven better at running our offence than Volek.
  3. Fry

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    i understand where you're coming from with the timing. but i think if you have a chance to bring in a qb who you think can run your offense more efficiently than the one you already have that you should pass on the guy.

    the timing is what i have a problem with, but that actual signing of collins and benching of volek i'm fine with.
  4. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    First, I disagree with your assessment on the INT that Bennett didn't go for...Dyson was diagonally behind Bennett. If Dyson could dive and catch it before it hit the ground, Bennett could have at least have gotten a hand on it considering he's 6'5 and has much longer arms than the diminutive Dyson.

    But that's neither here nor there.

    I never said I blame Volek for when WR's drop the ball. Nor did I blame Young for Williams dropping a perfect bomb during pre-season. But FISHER said he was missing easy READS - NOT throws. When you don't make easy reads, you will NOT have a consistent offense. This is the biggest reason why big time college QB's never succeed on the NFL level...they never learn how to read defenses adequately. Clearly, from Fisher's comments...this is the problem. We know Volek can air it out, but can he read a defense and make a good throw on 3rd down? The Titans apparently don't think so.

    And the inconsistency on offense can firstly be attributed to 2 things....penalties and OL play. We had WAY too many penalties and our OL was very inconsistent.

    I understand your point on rushing Collins into things...but apparently they feel even with limited time he'd give us a better chance to win.

    I respect your disagreement.

    But I also think that ultimately, Collins will prove to be a better QB than Volek. We can only hope VY learns sooner rather than later.


  5. Sledge

    Sledge Guest

    Volek is garbage. Apparently he is not aware of that yet, but if traded, he'll find out soon enough...
  6. Blazing Arrow

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    That is a pretty harsh view of a guy that filled in for McNair 12+ times in the last 3 seasons. Not sure if I would want any other backup in that period of time. He is at least as good as Collins, the only difference is for some reasons sucker teams keep putting Collins in as there #1.
  7. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    And you base this on...?

    If that were true, why is no one currently offering better than a 6th rnd pick? And how come no teams that have needed a starting QB the last few years have been banging down our door? How many career starts does Volek have, 10? That should tell you the league thinks of him as a backup QB. Granted, Steve Young was a backup for awhile and Volek IMO is not garbage, but if he has trouble making easy reads, I see why the coaching staff would want someone else in there who CAN make those reads.

    Collins, with his 140+ career starts has had his ups...took the Panthers to an NFC title game and the Giants to the Super Bowl...and his downs. But clearly the Titans are just looking for our best option 'til VY can take over.

    But when someone tells me a career backup - whose coach is basically saying we had to get another QB because he can't read defenses - is better than a solid starter? I question what you base that opinion on...

  8. Blazing Arrow

    Blazing Arrow The 12th man

    I forgot how many teams wanted to pick up Collins during the off season? He must have been perusing the contracts from all of the other offers and that is why it took till week 3 of the preseason for any team to pick him up. While a week after Volek is up on the blocks we are talking to three teams that actually want him. The Raiders pulled Geoff Goerge out of his rest home instead of keeping Collins. All of this should have been indicators that Collins is over the hill, washed up, or what ever but not to our FO. Instead we screw a loyal employee over in the attempt to be a “better” team, and spite ourselves in the process by putting in an under prepared QB that took 3 quarters to even start to have any flow. How large could his play book been on that last drive when he was calling audible at the line? We were favored to win that game prior to its start.

    You can blame the drops on the WR what ever but he was to immobile for our O-line to protect him, but I guess that is our O-lines fault right? Maybe the D did not give him enough field position or the running game did not work well enough but eventually you have to look to the leader of your offense the QB and look at his numbers.

    17/38 223 YRDS 44.7%
    41.9 QBrating
    0 TDs
    2 INTs

    So yes I think a Billy Volek going into his 6th season with the team who probably knows the play book inside and out and knows the timing with Bennett and probably several other of the WRs he has worked with the entire training camp and preseason would fair better and thus be as good as if not better then Collins especially for us.
  9. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Teams were passing on Kerry Collins for 3 reasons. Some teams already have a better QB or already have a young 'franchise' QB they are going with, some teams already have the equivalent or close enough approximation of a Kerry Collins, and some people don't like him. This is pretty much true of ANY solid vet QB.

    Yes 3 teams are interested in Volek....for a 6th rnd pick? Yes, that's demand!

    How is Volek getting 'screwed' by his team/company? By getting paid millions to be a backup and given a chance to start? Yes, I can see him crying all the way to the bank. If only someone would 'screw me over' like that!

    The Raiders pulling Jeff George out of retirement shows how messed up that organization is and has been since Chucky left. And they already drafted who they think is the QB of the future...but after finding out Andrew Walters has a shoulder problem, they needed someone and with their OL woes, a mobile QB was a good idea!

    Volek is not much more mobile than KC so that argument is neither here nor there.

    As I said before, when the QB hits a WR in the hands and he drops it or worse, knocks it up to be INT'd, is that KC's fault?

    And neither you nor I know how many plays KC knows or doesn' that argument is rather moot.


  10. avvie

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    Money has nothing to do with the issue. If we're going to go down that path, then all discussions on these fan boards are moot. There would be no reason to have them.
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