Best under the radar offseason moves

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RavensShallBurn, May 30, 2009.

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    Only time will tell but i sure hope so.
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    Actually an interesting and different article. Way to go, fox sports. We'll miss big Al to some degree, but at least we're tempering the loss. I enjoyed the comparisons of other moves from other teams though.
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    While I agree we'll miss Al to some degree and that our defensive players know that, I'm sure all our defensive players will also put forth the effort to prove to everyone that we can still bang w/o him. I sure hope that's the case.
    Haha (to opposing O's from our D): You think that just because we don't have Al anymore, that you can just run over us? Think again, pal.
    ^^That's the 'tude I hope they have.

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    1. The buzz-worthy move: Washignton signs DT Albert Haynesworth
    The under-the-radar move: Tennessee signs DT Jovan Haye

    Haynesworth's $100 million deal with Washington may have sent shockwaves through the NFL, but don't expect the Tennessee defense to implode without him. In Jason Jones and Tony Brown, the Titans already had a pair of capable replacements at DT. In Haye, they get a veteran presence ready to break out in a starting role in Tennessee.

    A star at Vandy, Haye batted around the league for a bit before finding a home in Tampa Bay a few years back. The 290-pound DT started 30 of 32 games the past two seasons in Tampa and was one of the team's bright stars on D. Haynesworth signed for $100 million; the Titans snagged Haye for $16 million. Though not the player Haynesworth is, Haye is no pushover. The Tennessee D will be just fine in '09. Haye should be one of the major reasons why.

    I like his assessment mainly due to that exertion above. Peter Schrager knows the NFL apparently. Good article. Now his last name is worth adding to my dictionary on my computer.
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