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    What did Bennett and Wade do so spectacular last season that they cant be replaced? More than of few of the so-called "experts" have called those guys great losses. Sure their experience will be missed, but I am pretty sure Brandon Jones can match or better Bennett's production. As for Wade, sure he made some clutch catches, but if you give someone else his opportunities they will come through. What I am asking is.............where is the big loss? Combined totals for those two............79 rec.,1198 yds. ,5 tds. If we can get 40 rec., 400yds. & 4 tds. from three different wrs .................that's 120 rec., 1200 yds., and 12 tds. I will take that..................hey guys, just looking at the glass "half full"
  2. Bobo

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    Not big losses, but the only question is do we have the guys to at least come close to what they offered.

    I agree that Jones could be a good replacement for Drew, with more upside. I'm not worried there if we consider Jones to be Drew's replacement....and won't be surprised if he turns out better.

    Wade was an avg #3 imo. Roby, Davis, or even Troupe in the slot should not have difficulty matching Wade's production.

    Of course we'll have to wait and see how these replacements do, but I don't see it very possable that these guys could do significantly worse than Drew or Wade. I guess the big question for me becomes how does the depth shake out, and is it a lot weaker? Again, I'm not very worried.

    To me, can't say we've improved a lot, and can't say we've been hurt a lot.
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    the reason our starting receivers were not that productive was because Vince was not that productive of a passer. i agree that Wade was an average player who we can easily replace, but Bennett could of been a playmaker. It's a shame that we didn't use him to his full potential last year. But like i said in a different thread, the receivers we have now are not that big of a step down from the receivers we had last year. I don’t even care that we lost wade. I just wish we could of kept Bennett around to help Vince improve as a passer. Next year, were still going to have the same kind of production in our passing game that we had last year. Were not gonna have a spectacular receiver, because Vince will still not be the spectacular passer he can be.

    (I don’t want this to sound like im bashing VY because im not trying to. I’m not saying that he’s not a great QB but you have to admit that he has not fully developed into the passer that HE WILL eventually develop into.)
  4. PitBull

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    They're extremely replaceable. Nothing special.
    The only 'possible' loss of the offseason on offense is Travis Henry, but the coaches seem confident that our current RBs should provide identical results so i think we should be fine.

    It sucks to lose Pacman, but thats not in our hands. I am however pleased that we concentrated on the secondary and are trying our best to address our weaknesses, and so far appear to have done a very good job.
  5. fitantitans

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    It's obvious that our views of these two players are not as high as those writing the reports.
    Neither Wade or Bennett were starters. Where's this huge loss at?
  6. CRUDS

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    Don't forget Wade was also a return guy.. Now that Pac's done we have no real experience there.. I'll miss hearing "Drew" at the games but I'll still always think of him not making that playoff catch in frozen NE..
  7. PhiSlammaJamma

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    No big loss. Let's be real here. While they both had some skill set, it was clearly not what you want from their respective roles on the team. We are better off rolling with rookies and young wr's. Speed will kill with Vince. Mark it down. The less wide open they are, the more yards we'll get on the ground anyway. I think this is a win-win. We needed to move on. This is going to be one hell of a year. No worries here.
  8. OneYardShort

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    I myself never understood all the talk of our WR loses. I know that Bennett might hurt us this next season or two on the former greatest show on turf, but really don't you think he has already hit his prime? With Wade, I wasn't ever a huge fan of his in the first place, and didn't like him even more when he gave R. Harrison a dirty chop block and took him out of the playoffs. Not that I am a big NE fan, not at all, but you have to respect your opponents. Now to our current WRs, I have a lot of faith in most of them. B. Jones should turn out to be a solid #2 for years to come. With the others, from what I've seen from USC, and the early bits and pieces for the Titans, I think Chow will dig someone out of the lineup. I also expect for a big year from our TE position, and let's not leave out A. Hall; he might turn into a beast this year. So put all that together, and Vince getting comfortable with the system, and I think we could move to about 15th in passing.
  9. Soxcat

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    Bennett not a starter? He was the closest thing we had to a #1. Wade was our #3 and was the second leading WR on the team.

    Obviously losing Bennett and Wade isn't exactly the same as Indy losing their top two WRs in overall talent but the point is we don't have anyone to fill the void (at least not proven). It is interesting how people like to trash these guys but the Rams and the Vikings thought enough of both of them to sign them for pretty nice contracts. IMO Bennett is way underated by most posters on this board and although he might not be a #1 Pro-bowl WR he certainly is a solid #2 on most teams.

    What is really confusing to people is they get too focused on overall stats. Understand this, if Jerry Rice in his prime was a Titan last year instead of Bennett he would have been lucky to get 1000 yards and his TDs would not have been anything to get excited about. Would that mean he stinks and is easily replaceable? Another way to look at it is what if Indy had Bennett instead of Wayne? Although Bennett might not be the talent Wayne is I would bet my house he gets 1000 yards in that scenario. Thats why I wasn't excited about bringing in K. Johnson. At this stage of his career he certainly isn't any better than Bennett (if as good) although with VY improving his game he might have done decently (of course so would Bennett who might have been a 1000 yard WR this year IMO).

    Another thing is contrary to common thinking IMO and that is you can just replace a guy like Bennett. Hitting on a draft pick who can play up to the level of Bennett is tough to do and we have had many discussions on this board even in the past about a high % of 1st rounders that were not as good, many complete busts. Add in that it takes a couple of years for many of these guys to be productive (took Mason 4 years) and the value of a guy like Bennett becomes more impressive. Thats why the Rams paid him like they did. They would rather have a guy who can come in and produce when needed instead of hoping they hit on a good one in the draft and then waiting for the guy to produce.

    Titan fans as much as anyone should understand how hard it is to draft and develop WRs. We have three on the team right now who are entering their 3rd year. One looks like maybe he can be a solid #2 and possibly progress to a #1 but he has already had a serious knee injury. The other two will be fighting for a roster spot. We brought in a FA in Gage who couldn't carry Bennetts jock. Yea, those guys are really easy to replace.
  10. Gunny

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    Closest thing to a #1 isn't enough to keep. Rather use Jones or whoever and see what they can do. 700 yards isn't hard to replace. BJ should be able to do it and without the drops.
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