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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JEsports, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. JEsports

    JEsports Practice Squad

    Titans Fans,

    Lets try to get the moral up on the board and look back on the positives while focusing on the upcoming NE game and the long season ahead. We KNOW Jeff Fisher and we know that he realizes we need to work on pass coverage and better blitz packages. The problem is not Kerry Collins or our offense, lets support our QB and focus on winning going forward in hopes we can get the job done better on Defense. We are stopping the run, we just have to stop giving up the big plays downfield.

    We had two fluke losses against Pittsburgh & Houston losing by a field goal in each game. In four or our five games, Chris Johnson was the top back in rushing yardage. We have a good team folks, and if we can get the improvements made in pass coverage needed, we are solid.

    There are still 11 games left folks with 6 of them at our house! 9-7 (or better) is not out of the question and gives us a push towards the wildcard. Who is with me?

  2. lateknight

    lateknight Master Opinionist

    Cue Cricket Chirp.....
  3. jdog

    jdog I like beer!

    A wildcard spot would be historic since no team has ever gone 0-5 and been in the playoffs.
    Of course 1st time things happen everyday. As far as selling my tickets I made an offer of 300.00 per tickets and the guy still wouldn't take em off my hands. He said he had his reputation to think about.
    Just kidding I will be at the Buffalo game and have a great time as always. Of course I do drink a lot at the games.
  4. JEsports

    JEsports Practice Squad

    You damn right .. i will be there also watching TO pout. Along with a nice stack of empty beer cups under my seat.
  5. amstrf89

    amstrf89 Starter


    I know how to stop giving up big plays downfield . . . play 7 to 10 yards off the receivers . . . oh wait . . .

    I don't think fluke means what you think it means

    After the first three games, I thought we had a chance to make the playoffs, but after the last two losses, we clearly aren't playing anywhere near well enough to win more than 5 games this season.

    That being said, after looking at the schedule, we could put a good run together.

    There are seven games I think we have a shot at winning without even having a great game
    Jacksonville: even though they blew us out, I still like our odds against them
    San Francisco: after their loss to Atlanta, I'm not so sure about them
    Buffalo: they suck
    Houston: we almost beat them with a horrible day defensively
    Arizona: 2-2 this year, lost 31-10 to the Colts and barely hung on against the Texans
    St. Louis: if we can't beat them, I don't think we'll get a win all year
    Miami: 28th in passing, and I have confidence in our run-stopping ability

    That leaves four games (NE, IND, SD, and SEA) in which we would need to play really well in order to win nine games this season.

    Of all the winless teams this year, I think we have the best chance of making the playoffs. Of all the 0-5 teams in the history of the NFL, we probably have the best chance of making the playoffs.
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  6. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    I think what you're looking to increase is morale. If you want to increase the morals in the stadium, you'd have to take a little look inward at those empty beer cups. Not that I advocate that in any way.

    All I know is, I'm not looking into selling my seats, and was kind of surprised at the assumption that this thread is based on.

    If people want to sell their tickets, let them. That just lets more people who are still interested in them get them.
  7. JEsports

    JEsports Practice Squad

    Yeah .. thanks for correcting my spelling error. I must have left the e off in the bottom of one of the empty beer cups. If people want to sell there tickets, hopefully they will do it here on vbay to other titans fans instead of ebay or stubhub.
  8. Titans Blue

    Titans Blue Camp Fodder

    I get to go to only about 1 titans game a year, and this year il be there for the Bills game. I am still excited to go to it!! gotta take the loosing years with the good years as well. i would go to more games but i love nfl ticket , watch almost every game
  9. amy

    amy Starter

    I still wonder about that enigmatic comment of Fisher's before the first game. "You don't want to be the first team to play us" or something to that effect. I took it to mean that he was confident that this team was going to kick butt. However, that did not happen. And it didn't happen the second, third, fourth, or fifth game. Failure breeds failure, so it is difficult to be optimistic at this point. I suppose the team can turn itself around, but the actions of Kearse and the failure of Fisher to deal with it in a commanding manner does not bode well.

    Well, it appears that Fisher didn't deal with it, but we don't know what went on in private, so I may be wrong on that.
  10. JEsports

    JEsports Practice Squad

    Im not going to beat a dead horse to death over Kearse sulking on his way out to watch the game on his couch or even VY sitting at the back of the bench the whole game with his parka on in 60 degree weather. Maybe it will light a fire under Kearse and he will play with a little more of "freakish" heart instead of letting the rookie outplay him. Until he does, i agree with Fisher and play the guy that is performing better. I like the fact that Fisher deals with most of this stuff behind the scenes and does a good job of keeping the stuff that comes out of media to a minimal.

    Bottom line, get ready to play with some heart or get ready to sit on the bench.
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