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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Don, Dec 23, 2012.

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    The manning deal was never going to happen and I bet my fan card on it because I was confident he wasn't coming and all of these vuls fans showed up and acted like titans fans and now those people are no where to be found.

    For example? Wheres the guy whose avatar was Peyton Manning playing pee wee football? That guy turned in his Titans fan card about a week after the hysteria died down.

    So what do I have to say to the Manning groupies that showed up for a few weeks?

    Go back to your delusional dream world where the ATT logo on the batman building is replaced with a 300 ft tall Peyton Manning Bobblehead so can Gruden simultaneously coaches the Titans and Vuls while Phil Fulmer narrates your life story and Derek Dooley shines your shoes.

    Seriously.. The whole manning thing was the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened to this organization. Let's lock out Steve McNair from the facility and send him off disgracefully... but we'll make the guy who was responsible for this organization not getting to the playoffs for the majority of the decade an employee for life, rename a radio station after him and give him what he wants all while telling our first round draft pick and veteran QB to step aside. It was sickening and sad to see a guy like manning have the red carpet rolled out for him knowing what we did to our Legend during his last days with the team.
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    I would like to have an owner that has some interest in the daily activities of the team but does not get in the coaches way, or forces his way all the time like Jerry Jones does.

    I really like what Arthur Blank has done with his team in Atlanta or the Rooneys in Pittsburgh. They show interest in how their money is spent insuring a quality product is on the field, showing up to the games communicating with the coaches but not stepping on their feet.

    Then again the team with the cheapest owner in the league is surprisingly not us. The owner of the Bengals takes that award according to Sirius NFL radio. With that being said, I think they may have mentioned the Titans for a total of 10 minutes all year. I am not sure if they realize we are a pro team... even though we have high school players.
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    I just won't speak bad about McNair but if you can't see the difference in the people or the years and specific situations...

    well sounds like someone is preoccupied with Peyton hate. Do you curse Manning as you shower? it's ok, you can admit it.
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    not gonna go over it again but Buss Cook engineered the 'disgraceful' exit of McMVP
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    An offensive line. Demarius Thomas... Who's a real wide receiver. A consistent run game. Their defense..... Von Miller and Elvis Dumerville are two of the premier pass rushers in the league. Hell.... Denver won a playoff game with Tim Tebow.
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    Lmao if that's what you think then you must not watch football. We have a better offense then the Jets. Maybe the Cardinals... Maybe the Cheifs. That's about it
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    Offensive line and QB are the most important facets. That's where we are worst. So yeah, we have some decent WR TE and RB.... But if this season hasn't shown it then nothing will: games are won at the LOS. We lose that battle.

    Btw that remark was absurd. "My Camaro is on par or faster then that Ferrari (minus the v12 of course)

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    Well, at least that part was unquestionably a good idea.
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    It's not absurd considering we are discussing the starters - QB. Comparing how Peyton would've done at Tenn vs Den.

    If our O-line remains healthy are they as good as the broncos?

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    Psh, no way. WR's maybe, but QB & RB now way, theirs is better.

    They also don't have to deal with our group of misfit lineman.