Battle hopes to bruise his old team Sunday

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    A year ago, running back Jackie Battle was a battering ram who bruised the Titans in Week 2.

    While with the Chargers, Battle racked up 69 yards and rushed for a career-high two touchdowns in San Diego’s 38-10 win over Tennessee. He finished last season with 311 yards in 16 games for the Chargers in 2012.

    On Sunday at LP Field, Battle will face his old team, and many of his old teammates. So will the familiarity help?

    “I know them, but I think it goes both ways,’’ Battle said. “They know me well too. But I think I can help a little bit with different players techniques and what their strong points, and what their weaknesses are. But then again they also know how I play.”

    With running back Shonn Greene sidelined with a knee injury, Battle will serve as Tennessee’s big back alongside Chris Johnson. So far this season he has 14 carries for 34 yards.

    “I am going to take full advantage of every opportunity I play, and try and contribute the best I can,’’ Battle said. “I just want to fill in with no drop-off, as if Shonn was never gone.”

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    Just keep pounding those 3rd and shorts and you will have done your job. Really like his running style.
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