Barrett Ruud Worst Pass-Rushing LB of 2011

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    As far as physical specimens are concerned we had a backer here who was almost identical to Patrick Willis in terms of size and workouts. Stanford Keglar had awesome times in the 40, shuttle and his cone was just sick.

    The difference is that Keglar had no instincts at all. It's not an intelligence thing you read and react in a split second you don't have time to stop and analyze it.

    It's like a boxer, you don't have time to think about the punches coming at your head. You slip the punch and counter. A linebacker doesn't stop and think ok the TE is blocking down and this guy is pulling so it must be a counter trey. You are already reacting as the play starts. Some people have it and some don't.

    Keglar didn't have it and Ryan Fowler didn't either. That's why they are not here any longer.
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    I consider that part of "intelligence" when it comes to football. The ability to just KNOW what's going on on the field and make good decisions. I think t the best instinctive plays, at least in football, are some of the most well-informed decisions.
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    ah, so rolltide is calling for racism again.
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    It must be a day of the week that ends in 'day'
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