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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titanup1982, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Crumpler was a great run blocker as well but what are we arguing about? CJ is 2nd in yards, 1st in TDs. Last year was special, that's why its only happened a handful of times and no one ever repeats it.
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    Just because Cj is not getting the long run does not mean he is having a bad season. I like the way our offense has been the past few weeks young has been looking great, besides the injury. Cj will get over 1000 yards this season, and that will be great. I personally like that were throwing the ball more CJ is not built to take the beating he has been. I do wish we would do something besides run him up the middle when he runs. Maybe he will start getting the long runs after the bye like he did last season. If not as long as vince is playing well, and we stop running Cj up the middle when its stacked every play I will be happy.
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    who's arguing? i thought i added a point in a discussion?
    i never said mawae was the ONLY blocker gone, just the biggest difference... but you do make a good point, crumpler is missed as well im sure.

    i dont think numbers and TD's are the whole picture. this year there SEEMS to be hits in the backfield and more negative yard rushing plays than before. this is just my opinion but its even more "big runs" or "negative runs" very little of the stuff in between.
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