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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by murrykline, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. joeman546

    joeman546 Rookie

    I am just going to trust the coaching staff and FO on these guys. Last year i thought the draft was dissapointing, but hey it turned out well. Most of the guys we picked might develope into some real gems. Im sure they will work hard, which is why the staff would take them.

    Also might be able to get a good C in FA now. It wasnt a position with much demand.
  2. murrykline

    murrykline Starter

    I guess the way I look at it, this team is not necessarily that far of from a serious run. But that being said,there are some crucial pieces that needed to be fixed/ added this off season. Specifically 3 interior lineman ( at least 2)....DE, WLB, and depth at DT, and CB. We had the $$$$, we had the chance at the picks and failed to fix the issues. We got out DT, and that was great, but we stared the #1 center of the draft in the eyes and took a developmental WLB.(after whiffing on all FA Centers)......the DE we took is actually a TE now..what?....we pass on a CB that is ready and go with a another developmental project that played 1 yr?....etc,etc....

    That is all I am saying...disappointing
  3. murrykline

    murrykline Starter

    And all in all, I hear ya Mark.......just when it comes to time...all of us on the board have been waiting all the time that we have been football fans...that is why I am calling BS on hail mary picks and continued failure to spend the $$$ that we have available for the players we need. ( other than Peyton Manning that pr!ck )
  4. Kaeotik

    Kaeotik Pro Bowler

    Hey cdubbs2121, I have to ask, what exactly sucked about this post I made? I mean, really? Just the fact that you'd like to know now or what?
  5. CaliTitan

    CaliTitan Practice Squad

    So who will be playing Guard and Center this season? Based on our draft choices its clear CJ2K running for 2k is a thing of the past. that was fun to watch however, its clear we decided to air the ball out. CJ may break away on a draw play here and there but will run into a wall consistently with Amano and Harris. on the good side they can pass block. Lets go titans
  6. murrykline

    murrykline Starter

    So I guess all the dudes saying "it sucks" must think it is ok to not sign FA needs or draft players to fill those needs......that is just substance in any comments ( since I cut them off at the pass with their token responses ) n thanks guys for confirming the popular belief of this board.
  7. JiminyBillyBob

    JiminyBillyBob Starter

    Guard: Harris and Hutchinson

    Center: to be seen

    Offseason is not over yet. We can still get a C.
  8. griff33daddy

    griff33daddy Starter

    well when your owner says that he wants a player and will do whatever possible to get him then it really hurts your chances to sign other players like it did to us and we ended up not signing him. as far as this draft i would say it was a decent draft

    wright-we needed a receiver in case britt does not make it back from injury in time and who knows if washington will be able to produce like he did this year and if gives locker a receiver who has the ability to be a big time connection between the two

    brown-has huge upside at wlb and is a potential replacement for spoon because lets face it, spoon is on the downside of his career and wont be resigned unless its for depth and for vet minimum or something like that. he has speed to keep up with all the fast tight ends that we play and we wont have to take a safety out of the play if we can match up brown on the tight end

    martin-can you really complain about this pick? he is a typical blue collar titans guy that gives all his effort each play and is a solid pick up in the third round

    Sensabaugh- a decent pick up, sure there were better players that we could of picked but the front office like this guy and he is determined as he stayed with it his whole college career to become the start as a 5th year senior and he is lengthy and has the ability to come in and play some of the nickel downs if the corners dont step up in camp

    thompson-im not really sure about this pick but if he turns out to be the tight end i imagine our front office expects you wont be complaining. he is a tall fast receiver to pair with cook in two tight end sets and creates mismatches for the opposing defense...if he turns out like he is expected to then think of the patriots tight ends and how effectively they operate...

    martin- has potential to be the best safety out of the draft. he was projected to mid first to 2nd round before he started dropping and we got him in the 6th round. he will compete this year for the number 2 spot on the roster and will replace griffen next year and be a solid safety for awhile

    soloman-im not sure i would of gave a 6th in next years draft for but they front office has did pretty good in drafting last year and they must of felt good enough about this kid to give up a 6th next year. he provides us depth as the coaches must feel that wimbley and morgan are gonna be solid starters and we shore up more depth for our defensive end spot

    did you think last years draft was bad too? they seemed to do pretty good last year drafting for need and this year they felt the team was solid enough and drafted best player available by their board....

    sure we didnt get a center but we signed hutch and moved harris to the other guard spot and they must feel that amano may improve or something like that...i think we had a decent draft i cant really complain as some of these players will surprise you in a couple years if not this year
  9. murrykline

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    You are certainly a glass is 3/4 full type of guy, and I truly respect you for that. Some real stretches there..but heck.....I hope that you are right with 1 of them if not all.....and I was very happy with last year' draft from day 1...that draft made sense.....this does not. ( but if your theories come true...I will eat my words )
  10. joeman546

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    Well, even the DT will be developmental in a way, when it comes to pass rush. I think that next year we will add top end talent to our deffense.

    This is what I see:

    Depth is fortified on offense.

    What holes there are on the line can be reinforced through rookie FA(since people only draft top tier instant impact talent in the draft) and FA.

    Top offensive talent has been assembled

    On D:

    h the Fortifying depth through FAand draft.

    Adding future top tier talent.

    I expect top tier instant impact D guys to start coming in next year.

    So Im pinning the second year of the Locker era as "the year"

    Who knows though, might be in for a surprise.
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