Babineaux could see time in the slot

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    Coach Mike Munchak said Sunday that veteran safety Jordan Babineaux could potentially see some action this season as a slot defensive back.

    Babineaux played a little bit in that role last Thursday against the Cardinals, and it also would be logical for him to play the spot against teams with top tight ends – such as New Orleans’ Jimmy Graham or New England’s tandem of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

    “He was out there (against the Cardinals), just like teams do with us to cover tight ends rather than the linebacker,” Munchak said. “You go with a bigger guy than a corner to do it. He’s the kind of guy that can … take over the linebacker position because he’s a good enough run-stopper to play in the box and also to cover for us. Those are the things, the versatility that (Babineaux) has and some of the other guys have.”

    Source: Titans Insider