Asante Samuel?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    The market is the market. Henry is worth what the market paid him.

    The real question is did we get value by not paying 8.3 million. We don't know until after the first few games of the season (or the end depending on your viewpoint). IMO- right now letting T Henry go was a big (and unnecessary) risk with Lendale, C Henry and maybe C Brown as our running stable. I believe we should have had solid run support in place to build on to help further VY's (and the young WR's) development and T Henry was the guy to do that.
  2. zackmann

    zackmann Guest

    i really think losing Henry in FA to the Broncos set off a bad chain of decisions for MH and Fisher....
  3. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    Special teams are a third of the game friend and I really like the attention we've given them this offseason. Remember, these guys we've never heard of before could easily hand us a couple extra W's in close ones this season.

    Things will come together. Have faith.
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