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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by theprizdfighter, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Riverman

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    Fair enough. We've signed a starting CB (don't know if it was a "value" signing yet) and added MLB depth. It's a start.

    Offense- I'm assuming we'll be using the draft.

    Improvement, but I like my Kool-aid sweeter still. :)

    BTW- the numbered points aren't meant to "speak down", just to clarify points and make "point-specific" discussion easier.
  2. Blazing Arrow

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    So as I look at it now:

    CB#2- Large improvement

    Now we need to look trade. Moss in O-town wants out bad. He would not be great on our salary but a player like that might get a fire under Young. Moss seems like he is one great QB away from being Madden-Alpha player. If you saw the play in game 1 w/ Collins where he tipped the ball to himself, juked a guy, only to catch the tipped ball for a TD, and the team that had said player was looking to unload him, and only get a #3 and throw in a #4 since we have so many. The option is clear to me and if VY talked to Moss and they clicked it could be ridiculous.

    So let say that does not work ..... How about Porter from the same team. He was held out for multiple games due to "attitude" mainly because he thought Walters was crap and did not want to bail him out on every play. Porter is young, quick, and talented and if he is acting like he did last season he is worthless to the Faiders.

    Lets say we get one or the other and we sign K Curtis. Cutis IMO is an upgrade from Wade and Moss is leaps and bounds above Bennett.

    That would leave us with the major ? being is White the back we expected when we drafted or is he a dud? Nothing he has done so far points too dud. I would like to take my chances and get REALLY good in a season instead of filling gaps "4 now".

    + CB is improved and we still have not lost a draft pick to trade.

    If that is not pretty I am not sure what is.
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  5. The Playmaker

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    Duke just messed up my bracket. Oh. Uh... Oh yeah already read it. Doesn't matter anymore.
  6. KptTitanFan

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    Amen, I had them making it past Pitt:irked: This was just a overall choke year for the Devils:grrhee:
  7. The Playmaker

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    So did I.
  8. BigRed3

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    I love to see Duke suffer. I have no idea why
  9. The Playmaker

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    I used to be a Duke fan. Right now I don't really have a team. But how about Vandy! Wow what a blow out!
  10. KptTitanFan

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    Used to be!!! your either a Duke fan or your not! But yeah Vandy did great, but watch out for the Mempho boyz:evil:
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