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    They are letting Mario Williams go. Did I seriously just have to type that out?.....I guess so. No, I am not jealous of Foster, one strong season does not mean this guy is the "real deal". For once, you can say your line was the cause of your success. I know you guys have come along way since then, but an offensive line can win you football games.

    He is an average back, but a fan favorite and you guys signed him to a good deal. I am no way trying to undermine that.
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    Mario isn't gone yet. So far Andre has restructured his contract to make more room under the cap. You can expect more players to step up. On top of that next year the Texans will have more room to work with so all the Texans have to do is set up the contract to pay more next year.
    You guys are used to seeing the dealings of Bud Adams.(and I've seen how he works for many years) Our owner wants to win at any cost so dont be surprised to see Mario in A Texans uniform next year.
    I'm not saying it's a sure thing,but if Bob McNair wants to keep Mario it'll happen.

    Oh.....Foster has had two good seasons.
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    144 far as I'm concerned ALL pro athletes are overpaid.
    But considering Foster won the rushing title a few years ago and almost broke the rushing record for the post season in TWO games and became the only RB to put over a hundred yards against the Ravens in the post season....i'd say he's worth the money.

    And he's not a whiny little ditch......