Are We Still Looking To Improve At Defensive End?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, May 28, 2013.

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    Haven't heard anything being talked about lately as far defensive end.We were talking with Abraham but somehow talks collapsed due to him wanting full time not part time snaps.So what happens do they eventually hold firm with Morgan or are they still going to be looking into adding someone? I would be fine with Israel Idonije from Chicago he might be a better fit here and have more left in the tank.If Abraham is flirting with retirement then his head isn't where it needs to be anyway.My guess is he is waiting for the next injury to hit somewhere so he can snag one more payday like Dwight Freeny has with San Diego.If i were Webster i'd just give Idonije a call.I found out some things about him as a player that i printed below.In my opinion Idonije could be what we are looking for......

    Idonije was obtained by the Chicago Bears as a practice squad player late in the 2003 season. He made the Bears' roster in 2004, and was with the team eight years. Idonije is known for his versatility, including his ability to play both defensive tackle and defensive end and his blocked kicks. Idonije also played gunner on the punt coverage team.He led NFL in blocked punts/fields goals in 2005, 2006, 2007.During the 2007 season, Idonije had three consecutive games with a blocked field goal or extra point. In 2008, Idonije set career highs in sacks (3.5), tackles (22), and passes defensed (6). In May 2009, signed a two-year, $7 million contract extension with the Bears.In 2010, week 5 at Carolina, Idonije recorded a career high 3 sacks.In 2011, in week 15 against Seattle, Idonije scored his first NFL touchdown after a fumble recovery in the end zone after Tarvaris Jackson had the ball stripped.In 2012 Idonije was moved to defensive tackle. In the second game of the preseason against Washington Idonije recorded 2½ sacks on rookie and Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.Idonije would once again record 2½ sacks in week three against St. Louis.Idonije ended the season with 40 tackles, 7.5 sacks, and a forced fumble.
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    I think we are more or less set. Maybe a minor upgrade but not much else.

    Keep in mind Ayers could see a lot of time at DE.
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    It wouldn't be hard for us to improve at defensive end. We could just go out and buy two 50 lbs bags and fill them with horse ****. Someone would trip over them, would be a drastic improvement over what we have now.
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    as our HC and GM always say, we are always lookin to improve at every position!

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    We have Scott Solomon, we're set at DE :giggle:
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    Ive been keeping an eye on what Richard Seymour is doing. I keep hearing Atlanta likes him, but they'll have to hold off on signing him because of their cap issues. After June 1st however some of their contracts are voidable, so after June 1st Atlanta may sign Seymour. Once that does or doesn't happen, then we'll know if John Abraham is still an option for us.
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    You are retarded.
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    Abraham has reportedly told one team that he would like to play 60 percent of the snaps. Maybe things start to move towards a signing once Amano is released on or soon after Jun. 1, and more cap room is created. Ultimately, I do think we will end up signing Idonije or Abraham once we make more cap room available. Or there is the outside possibility that Abraham drops a little on his contract demands and accepts the numbers that the Titans put out there to him originally. I don't think the Titans would have had him in on a two day visit and proposed a lowball offer; judging by our other free agent signings, it was likely a respectable offer.
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