Are Sims or Reed Poised for a Breakout Season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dangermode, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. NotoriousZEUS

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    I'd definitely say both of those divisions are much better than the AFC South. I still don't think that matters though. Like someone else said, we won most of our games outside of the division, didn't lose by too many points, and mostly at the start of the season.

    I think it's pretty obvious JR is doing a great job, but at the same time he isn't perfect. Although he's made great moves, he's also made some bad ones, and that's only going to continue. The difference between him and a bad GM like Ruston though is most of his move have been good.

    That doesn't mean fans or other people can't disagree with something he is doing, and even be right on the subject. JR isn't perfect, and fans aren't 100% clueless in every situation. People have a right to speak their minds, and should speak it if they don't agree with something Jon does, instead of just automatically agreeing with him because he's the GM, or because he is a good one.
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  2. titanfanatic

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    What bad moves has he made ??
  3. Ontario Titan

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    I didn't say the weakest division, I said one of the weakest.

    And don't call me dude
  4. Young54

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    True. My bad bro. Correction: "one* of the weakest..."

    My point remains the same.
  5. Ontario Titan

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    No it doesn't but ok.
    We had a great chance to win the division last year, make the playoffs and we crapped the bed by losing to the Jags. A team that most believe suck but have improved. They drafted Ramsey and Mack last year that many on here wanted...They signed Bouye and Campbell in FA this year, two guys many on here wanted. Yes they overpaid but still got players that will help.
    We can't seem to beat Indy, should beat Houston but don't easily. Unless you call a week 17 win something.
    This year will be not be as easy.

    Hoping for a great draft.
  6. NotoriousZEUS

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    Not a bad move per say, but I think we could've gotten a better deal for our #1 pick had we waited. This has more to do with the thinking at the time the deal was made though. I think we we're very fortunate that the Rams ended up collapsing in the second half, and when you look at it now, Jack Conklin at 8, and their first round at #5 is a great deal. I just think it could've been a bit better and gotten an extra mid round draft pick if we maneuvered better.

    I didn't like that we sent this year's only second rounder, instead one of three of last year's, hurting our flexibility some in this year's draft. Looking at it now, it's even more apparent that we could've gotten better value in this year's as well.

    Wesley Woodyard extension. Not sure if it's as bad to me as it just doesn't make sense. I don't see the point in backloading a contract when we have tons of salary cap space.

    Kevin Dodd draft pick has turned out terrible.

    Austin Johnson draft pick hasn't turned out well. Maybe he can still develop though.

    Derrick Henry, subjective I guess. Most are happy with the pick, I'm still not. It's not a bad choice. I just think there was better choice. We had Murray, I thought he was good, he turned out good. Henry helped relieve some of that load, and maybe in a few more years will see more of his presence and value in that draft pick. However, getting a guy like Bell could've no doubt helped us out more last year, and with how close we were could've been the difference between making the playoffs and not. Then again, I prefer missing the playoffs for the draftpick value than making it unless I feel like we have a team that can win the SB, and I think we had too many holes still so it's still a 50/50 thing to me. Looking at it objectively though, not drafting a secondary guy when it was by far and clearly our biggest need in the first two rounds with 4 draft picks probably isn't the wisest of decisions.

    And there's probably other things too I'm not thinking about or havn't noticed. My point wasn't to nitpick everything JR does, but to point out he's human, albeit one that specializes in this and turned out to be great at it so far. That doesn't mean people have to accept everything single thing he does though, and think it's going to work out to be a success.
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    Your critique of Year 1 second round players shows that you really know nothing about the NFL.
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  8. ICBW

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    i think Kalan Reed has a chance to be a very good slot corner. Really quick feet and good hands just not that big.
  9. Dangermode

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  10. DaCost

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    Mcourty can stay healthy so we need options at CB so this guys better be rdy.
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