Arbitrator Rules for McNair

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titan Yapper, May 31, 2006.

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    nevermind... i posted late lol

  2. A living legend. Staff

    SUMMARY: An arbitrator ruled Wednesday that the Tennessee Titans cannot keep Steve McNair from working out on their property as long as he has a contract with the team. General Counsel Richard Berthelsen called it a victory for the NFL Players Association and McNair. Arbitrator John Feerick heard more than seven hours of testimony on May 16 on charges the Titans had breached McNair's contract by barring him from working out at the team's headquarters. The union filed the grievance, arguing he should be allowed to work out on the property or be released. The Titans originally told McNair on April 3 not to work out on the property because they feared the liability of a $23.46 million salary cap hit if McNair was hurt. Negotiations for a cheaper contract to reduce that cap number have been nearly nonexistent. McNair is under contract for the 2006 season and due a salary of $9 million.

    What do you think about this article? Post your comments below.
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    I think my post above is still accurate. Just change June 1 and June 2 to May 31 and June 1.
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    Your above post looks 100% accurate to me!
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    Keep him until the last possible moment.
  7. Canadian Titan

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    Seems like the players always win these battles!
  8. Well there you have it.

    Let the deals begin.......................
  9. im not that into keeping him at all
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    PFT has an interesting take on this. Excerpted....

    "He probably won't show up. If he does, it's highly unlikely that he'll suffer an injury that will require the team to pay his entire $9 million salary for 2006.

    Moreover, Article XXXV, Section 4 of the CBA states that a player is eligible to be paid his base salary only if he is working out at the club's facility "under the direction of a Club official." So if McNair shows up at Baptist Park on Thursday to pump some iron, the Titans must allow him to do so -- but we can find no requirement in the CBA that they provide a club official to "direct" McNair's efforts."

    So it sounds like even if Mac does want to work out at BSP, as long as he's working out on his own, we're not on the hook for his salary. Until June 13 when the next OTAs start.
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