Anyone else watch "Making a Murderer?"

Discussion in 'Movies/TV' started by Aloha Y'all, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Aloha Y'all

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    I never truly understood the meaning of the term "binge watching" until I watched 7 consecutive hours of this show last Saturday. Only to wake up Sunday morning and finish the final 3 episodes before noon.
    I couldn't stop watching.
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  2. SawdustMan

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    You picked the absolute worst time to make a thread about anything other than how retarded the Mike Mularkey hire was.
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  3. GoT

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    In America you get all the justice you can afford out of the legal system

    always been that way

    nobody but lawyers likes it

    F lawyers
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  4. rekirts

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    Just finished it with my gf tonight.

    Pretty good but reading online they left some questionable stuff out... still not sure how a jury convicted him beyond reasonable doubt. Where the F was all the blood? Key and bullet were 100% planted imo.

    Brandon is straight up dumb though, I don't even know what to make of all that. F his first lawyer.
  5. rekirts

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    Good example of why NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE. They are never on your side. If/when I have kids I will sit them down when they are old enough and tell them never to talk to police without me.
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  6. cdubbs2121

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    Crazy show.

    Amazing look at the people and the police. What Len did was criminal to Brendon's defense.

    That being said, reading a lot of the facts not included I think Avery is guilty and I think Brendon played some role in it. Just my opinion. I know not a popular one in the MAM convo.
  7. rekirts

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    ... I think he did it too, but I just don't know where. The police's version makes literally no sense. Theres no way hes competent enough to clean all that blood. bullet shots would spray blood onto the ceiling, there would be blood in the mattress... The police used a power tool to try and find blood and found nothing. Theres no way he cleans it all up and misses a single bullet with her DNA on it. It'd have to be some freaking Dexter Morgan ****.
  8. Deuce Wayne

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    People talk about the things "excluded"... that's a lot of trusting the evidence team that we learned were completely crooked... so...

    Regardless - this is classic "justice" system. Supposed to innocent 'til proven guilty while it's the other way around, clearly.
  9. Titandude

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    Brendon's confession tape should have never been allowed in court. There was no physical evidence that backed up the story.

    The woman's blood was in the back of her RAV4. They didn't put the body in the car just to move the body less than 50 yards. I believe she was kidnapped in her car and taken to another location where she was murdered. She was then driven back and dropped off at the fire pit and the car hidden in the junk yard temporarily until it could destroyed.

    I believe Avery somehow murdered the girl, but I have some reasonable doubt. Given the evidence that was presented, I would not have convicted him. Brendon's trial is a travesty!
  10. 5tweezyPOT

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    lens face in Brandon's appeal trial thing was priceless. Dude literally looked like he was desperately tryin not to cry while on the stand. Why do defense attorneys always have some weird face twitch.