Anylists say Titans "have quite a project" with Young

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Spinnaker, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. Banshee2

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    Actually, Tide, Jaws said he (Jaws) never took a snap from under center in college either and that worked out (was sure to mention his 30,000 yds passing and 100+ tds...)
  2. RollTide

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    He also said that young was in for a "rude awakening" if he didn't think it was any different. Jaws didn't become a starter in the nfl until his third season and wasn't very good until his 6th year.
  3. Banshee2

    Banshee2 Guest

    Yeah, and Merrill Hodge was REALLY giving him the business. I was shocked at how much venom was coming from all three of them.

    In fact, the only guy of all the analysts that actually gave TN any love was Micheal Irvin. Micheal Irvin!!! (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit)
  4. Bustahorn

    Bustahorn Camp Fodder

    I am no expert, but I have been watching football for forty years. I have followed Texas football for thirty years. I watched every game Vince played for the Longhorns. I can recall the precise sensation I felt when I first saw Vince drive the team down the field for a TD on his first series ever. He was faking even the cameramen in a way I hadn't seen since the '60s. You all know about Vince's athletic ability, but you may have no idea about his leadership. His high school coach said of him when he left for Texas "he won't let them lose." He didn't. In my view, he changed the Texas program. Here is an example: when Spring practices ended in 2005, he left a note saying that anyone who wanted to beat Ohio State should meet him for seven on seven. They met him. The same Vince whose throwing motion and judgement you are all agonizing over threw for 270 yards in a victory over Ohio State, in the Shoe, at night! The same Ohio State that had five players taken in the first round yesterday. Of course, none of them will be ready for the League, either, I am sure. There is also all the squeaking about the "one read" Texas offense. How many Texas games did all of you watch last year? We beat USC running the same set on every play but one. Pete Carroll couldn't stop us. But of course, it is different in the League, where players become faster and stronger every year, where the work ethic is in proportion to the money, and heralded rookies never live up to their billing.
  5. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Of course Vince will have some work to do, and analysts may have a point that his defense reading has some question marks. That doesn't mean that I buy into their view because they had a clip that was an example of a mistake. One clip or two can prove anything. I saw a clip of Hawk taking down Vince that was brutal, but that doesn't scare me. They guy has a TON of potential, and some amazing physical skills. I like everything that I've heard about his leadership and dedication to winning. I think he's going to do things right and be VERY good for this team. I think a year or two on the bench will help his understanding of the pro game and what he needs to change and get better at. I also think we'll get some highlight reels like we haven't seen in a long time.

    BP, do you have that crazy VY highlight from Youtube that you posted a few months ago? The long one?
  6. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    After Hodge screwed up the whole mock draft show from the beginning, I don't care what he has to say anymore. He was on the clock for he Saints and kept mentioning the Titans. What a dummy. Anyway, they had nothing better to do than try to rip Young during that segment. Sure, the NFL is different, but it aint that different. There are two things I think most NFL qb's struggle with. A) Throwing into tight coverage on purpose and B) which is directly related to A, the speed of the game.

    Young played at Texas, a top school, and he faced some top defensive backs, and I saw him thrown into tight coverage several times on the highlights. He made the throw and let his wr go get it. That hurdle should not be a big one. It's just a mental thing. McNair had the same problem. What his scrambling does give him, is time, so if he wants to wait for WR's to break open, his speed gives him that opportunity too. Plus you have a spy, so it's one less db to worry about. If they want to disguise coverages, they better be ready to tackle Vince Young 20 yards down the field.

    As for the speed of the game. Young's speed slows it down anyway. It's an adjustment. But if anyone can adjust faster, it's a qb with some slick moves of his own. I mean, you can't even tackle Vince Young. You just hope he screws it up. And that's what is going to happen in the nfl. It will be Vince's show. Not the Defenses. Everyone will be fast, but Vince will still be faster. There are just some guys who look like they are running aroud with a magic bean. And Vince is that fast. Like someone said. 460 yards in the rose bowl and he could still celebrate afterwards. He didn't even get hit. He's fast.

    As for Reading Defenses. Not concerned. Like I said, one less db to worry about anyway. If you look at all the running qb's over the last 30 years. The winning percentage is .553 for all of them combined. And there are some superbowls mixed in there with guys like Steve Young. These are the guys you want back there in the pocket. Because WR's have the time to get open that they might not ordinarily get. He'll get his three reads even if there is a blitz.

    There is a learning curve, but I don't feel as though it is any different than any other qb. The only difference, is that Vince Young has a skill that can make those hurdles dissappear because of the fear the defenses will have of him.
  7. I'd say they have pretty much the same concerns. Both played in unconventional offenses and neither were sure things to be capable of running an NFL offense.

    If anything, Young has the edge because he played against top-calbier opponents where McNair did not.

    As for the passing, I don't have any concerns with that. He was accurate at Texas. And it's not as if other less talented QBs have never been successful with strange throwing motions. They made a big deal about it on ESPN, but Bernie Kosar seemed pretty good to me and his passes came out even lower.
  8. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Maybe not but they had all the other concerns we are hearing now about Young (simplified offense, relying on legs, reading defenses, shotgun formation)
  9. plato

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    First I'm knew to this internet stuff.. My first post but I love football and the Titans.

    I've been studying VY for the last few weeks and he is awesome, I've looked at all his jr games but just two of his sophmore games..
    Here are some of the positive things I have not heard talked about by the ESPN guy's or at least not much compared to the negetive stuff I've heard.

    1st. Texas did not run a one read offense his jr year, he had multible reads, his soph year they ran a one read most of the time..
    2nd. VY threw TD's to 10 diifferent players of his 26td's, that's outstanding.
    3rd. VY had 10 receivers with 10 or more catches also outstanding.
    4th. Texas was very young at wr and it's amazing he did so well with all the poor routes I saw. All wr's were just freshman and sophmores. He had a sr TE though.
    5th He has more than one arm slot, not just the motion everyone points out.
    6th. He's one of the fastest players with pads I've ever seen and the only player ever to throw for 3000 yards and rush for 1000 yards. He's not just a runner...
    7th.Maybe the best poket presence I've ever seen, he seem's to have eye's in the back of his head and when flushed he look's downfield to see if he can make a throw first if not he will fake a throw and off to the races he goes..
    8th. He's a throw first QB and made many big play's throwing the ball while scrambling after the pocket broke down.
    9th. Pete Carrol threw every blitz in the book at VY and he dinked and dunked them to death and was not sacked. He read the blitz almost everytime and made the right throw. going 30-40 (75%) for 270 yards
    10th. TOSU whole secondary and half their defense was just drafted and he ate them alive with his arm (63% 270 yards), yes his arm. He did throw two interception's but only one was his fault, the other was a poor play by the wr.. and if you look at his interceptions (10) half were the wr's fault by either batting the ball or not coming up to make the catch..
    11th He has some of the nicest touch on throws that require it and has a very catchable ball and can also throw it 65 yards with a flick of his wrist on the run. Also understands you need to put air under the ball on the deep throws.. Many guy's just gun it and get it tipped or int.
    12th Very fast release and his motion help's this a lot and has a good pump fake.. I don't think I saw a ball get tipped at the line of scrimmage all year.. You would think hearing Jaw's he would have had 5 or 6 tipped a game..

    I can see why Jeff and the staff took him, his upside is limitless and right now he's a much better passer than I would have ever thought after watching espn.. Chow will have this guy ready very fast and I think our fan's will be very surprised.
    We got a hell of a player that has been hammered way to hard and actually some of the things I've heard are just stupid now that I have watched the film.. His two sophmore games I watched were not as good..
    One of the play's Ive been seeing talked about by Jaw's (the OU game) Watch the next play against OU, TD pass this time..
    He improved so rapidly from soph to jr it was amazing to see..

    I can't wait till pre-season to see this guy... Best player I've ever seen and I could not be more excited about this pick..
  10. great great first post man and i could not agree with you more about everything that you said, great job man
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