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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Kaeotik, Oct 29, 2008.

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    Vince's bad year=Collins good year. When you're down like Kerry the media will build you up. When you're up like Vince they tear you down. This is all perception. If he blames the media, I agree with him. I think Kerry Collins would agree, as he went from prodigy, to alcoholic, to out of the league, to game manager, to hero. But did Kerry ever change. Not really. If anything, he's gotten worse. But the perception is he's gotten better. The media does what it does. It puffs you up when you're down. It's knocks you down when you're up. I love Kerry Collins, but he's been nothing short of Vince's equivalent. Even Steve Young sees it. As far as learning from Kerry Collins, that is the media and coaches blowing smoke up everyone's but. Vince's learning comes on the field. Not from being on the sidelines.

    Mr. Simms knows he has no future. He's now positioning himself to be a coach. Little more. Phil Simms was his father right? Does he not know the game already? I think he does. Simms knows the game, he just can't play it. All he is doing now is learning how to coach. The most important lesson to learn in my opinion is how to slow the game down, but even Kerry will admit, you must play to learn how to do that. In order for Simms to get better, he needs time on the field. In order for Young to get better he need that too. It took Kerry 15 years to get to this point. But now his arm is weaker. So it's a catch 22 anyway. The first year, sure, the sidline teaches you. But by year three, I think there is little dividend in it. But for you're whole career, being on the field improves your mental knowledge of the position, and I think Kerry would be the first to say it. Kerry should be the starter now. It's working out. But Vince won't grow until he sees the field and learns how to cut loose again and have fun. That may not happen for another 2 years. If there is anything to learn from Kerry, maybe that's it, to have fun.
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