Any Given Sunday: Titans over Giants

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SupDawg, Nov 29, 2006.

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    and the comments

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    This is the first non-Nashville press I've seen that gives us proper credit.

    "Meanwhile, optimism abounds in Nashville, where a rebuilding team finally has a quality win to add to its resume. The Titans just missed in upset bids against Indianapolis and Baltimore, falling by one point in both games. This win gives them four wins in their past six games. Add in the close losses to the Colts and Ravens, and the Titans have been a quality football team six times in the past seven weeks. This is the best football the team has played in three years, and while they are still a ways away, the future is bright."
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    :ha: Pacman is the best young defender from the first round 2005 class non steriod division :ha:
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    One of my favorite sites. Excellent read.
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    Good stuff. Finally someone outside of Tennessee has noticed us :)
  7. That was some nice reading, we're getting some nice stuff said about us, which is always nice considering the media coverage the titans get...7

    hmmm, I said nice a lot...
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    Great article... Looks like they understand our rebuilding process very well. Wish our fans that gripe alot would read this article and realize that it may take untill 2008.
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    You should read the Texans blogs, their fans are fed up, and starting to follow the Titans because of Vince. It's a riot. McNair will be redfaced at the Titans-Texans game when he sees all those #10 jerseys.
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    hi everybody I live in the UK, but have listenend on the net at titans radio for the last 2 seasons,so having finished work at 8.00pm on sunday I start to listen to the giants game at 9.15 pm uk time.
    by 11.30 pm uk time I am getting tired and the titans are really quite on offence,so at 12.40 left in the 4th quarter I go to bed .
    what a plonker I am.
    best come back in years and I am asleep.
    see the score the next morning and just cannot believe it.
    on the positive side titans are 4-2 in the last 6 games and only lost to 2 superbowl contenders colts and ravens by 1 point.
    good for fisher,takes time to build a team and there will still be problems to overcome,but this is a young team
    we have got to stick with fisher.
    by from the uk
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