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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Architect, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Hey why not, lets give him a chance

  2. Heck no! Lets stick with the guys we have


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    If people are serious about wanting to add a veteran DE, why not Andre Carter? He's certainly a better player than Odom is right now. And I'm almost 100% sure he's available.

    Or was Odom only brought up because he's a former Titan?
  2. RollTide

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    Let's say Ball went down with a concussion in a preseason game and there was doubt if he could play the season. Then a guy like Andre Carter would be a good option. As long as Wimbley-Morgan-Ball are healthy and can play i don't see much reason to bring in a 30 year old+ type guy.

    If we are looking to add a guy to compete we should get a younger guy. We scout these guys before they are drafted and there are always guys we liked but didn't have the opportunity to draft them. When one gets cut we can make a move if we don't like what we are getting from the current group.
  3. RTH

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    If we sign him for camp... doesn't mean we can't sign more options... this doesn't answer the question I asked.

    I guess you think it does, but it doesn't.

    EDIT: Mind you, I don't believe he is the answer... but I'm all for bringing in everybody we can for the dline. We have the money, bring them in... if they don't make it through camp, cut'em. No harm at all.
  4. RTH

    RTH Meh...

    Guarantee this is the reason for this thread. I responded to this thread... however, my thought is to bring in as many Dlinemen as we can for camp. If there is someone out there better? Sure... but I don't know who there is, frankly.
  5. Big Time Titan

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    I'm not totally against bringing in former Titans, I'm just against bringing them in when they've got nothing left. It's hard to think that Odom has lost it all. He was looking like he was gonna break the sack record a couple seasons ago.
  6. Ten_Titans

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    Meh, I think we will be ok.

    Worst case, Klug sees some time at end if someone goes down.
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    I want those who think it is not a bad idea to bring this guy in to tell us how many DEs we need in camp.

    We have 8 now! Solomon will likely be on the practice squad but at least 3, maybe 4 of the rest of those will not even make the team.

    People say we need more size at DE but 3 of those guys are over 280 lbs.

    It's likely that we keep 9 d-linemen. 4 Dts and 4 DEs and one tweener guy who can play both and Douzable and Sheppard are the top candidates for that. Egboh is a wild card.

    So just bring in more guys that will get cut?

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    Reading your list just proves why we need to bring in more defensive ends into training camp. After Ball (who has had concussion issues as mentioned); two guys on that list have a whooping 1 career sack (Douzable and Dawson). Sheppard had shown nothing to make me think he is worth having on our team and while I think Egboh has potential he is a complete wild card and we have no way of knowing.

    So my question is what is the harm of bringing in a player who is more talented then 1/2 the DE's you mentioned into camp. A healthy Antwan Odom is a better option then anyone that teams will cut most likely and if he isn't preforming up to expectations he can be cut. There is no downside to bringing him in when we need DE help.

    Also, you mentioned that we could be looking at another KVB instead of Odom when really they are somewhat similar situations. KVB was 28 coming off of major knee injury's when we picked him off of the garbage pile. Odom is 30 coming off of a torn ACL 3 years ago.

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    Here's a list of some of the more popular DE/DT's still available.

    DE/DT Tyler Brayton
    DE Raheem Brock
    DE/OLB Andre Carter
    DE/OLB Aaron Kampman
    DE/OLB Travis LaBoy
    DT/NT Shaun Ellis
    DT/NT Aubrayo Franklin
    NT Kelly Greg
    DT/DE Tommie Harris
    DT John Henderson

    The ones in bold are the ones I wouldn't mind seeing in camp
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