Antonio Brown Sexual Assault

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by 757titan757, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Case closed

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    Basically, she tried to sucker him into giving her 1.6m, he told her to F off in not so kind words. She gets mad and tries to get even with a rape claim, though its pretty clear they had a sexual relationship. So i expect this to blow over, and not be much of a distraction, at least by AB standards.
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    Drew needs to get AB a legit PR guy, he needs some serious help.
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    Why are we still discussing this moose knuckle? He’s nothing more than TO 2.0... plenty of talent, but head full of garbage.
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    I agree this sounds like she had thoughts of a longer lasting relationship and AB "shoplifted the pooty". And she is disgruntled and there is a money grab going on to assuage her anger/disappointment.

    However, she is a reasonably attractive woman and former college athlete who has held a job for years. She has a "wholesome' appearance. I think her claims will gain traction and attention because AB loses the popularity contest. Most people across the country don't like AB as a person.

    And I don't think the NFL (or Patriots) will be able to ignore this situation if the media help this claim pick up steam.

    My real question is does the media believe this story has enough juice to squeeze out all the attention they need out of stories. If so, big trouble brewing. If not, then I agree it fades and goes away.
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    This isnt really uncommon

    You could find many stories about people who have been abused multiple times who still found themselves in the same situation (being around the accused)

    I'm sure this lady was enjoying telling people she was training and even hanging out with AB.

    He took it upon himself to take what he felt like he deserved. (Assuming hes guilty)

    Schools, churches, the film industry, colleges, and sports. It's too common to dismiss imo. It's not like AB hasn't proven hes a self absorbed ***** who does whatever he wants when he feels like it.

    Idk whether hes guilty or innocent but we will find out in time. If hes the type to do this, I bet we hear more stories coming out about him.
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