Ankle injury may sideline Campbell

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    Titans coach Mike Munchak had mixed news on injuries suffered in the win over Pittsburgh on Thursday.

    Munchak said the shoulder injury suffered by defensive tackle Jurrell Casey doesn’t appear to be serious, and that he should be ready to return for Buffalo. Casey is already dealing with an elbow injury that’s been heavily wrapped during games.

    It looks as if the ankle injury to cornerback Tommie Campbell may be more of a problem. Munchak said the team should know more about the extent of the injury on Monday or Tuesday.

    Speaking of injuries, Munchak acknowledged that middle linebacker Colin McCarthy is still not 100 percent due to the high-ankle sprain he suffered in the season opener against New England.

    But that didn’t stop McCarthy from playing more than 60 snaps against Minnesota last Sunday and then – on a quick turnaround – playing all 64 snaps against Pittsburgh.

    “He’s a hard guy. He’s stubborn. He wants to be out there,” Munchak said. “He thinks he makes our team better and he does. Heck, he’s the guy out there in seven-on-seven the other day diving for an interception..

    “The guys are all cheering for him. He does that kind of stuff, makes that kind of difference with his teammates … So I think he feels that even though we all know he’s not 100 percent, what he brings in intangibles to our team is worth him being out there.”

    The injury limits McCarthy’s mobility on the field.

    “As the game wears on , there are probably parts where he can’t cut the way he wants, and probably covering is a little more difficult obviously because of running more,” Munchak said. “But it’s something he’s fighting through. This week he felt a little better than last week and hopefully with the 10 days, he’ll feel better in the Buffalo game than he did this past week.

    “Everyone’s different. Everyone’s tolerance for pain or what they can accomplish is different. His has been good so far.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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    I thought Campbell was going to develop into a starter this year. Use McCourty and Campbell outside with Verner in the slot. 6'3 w/ 4.3 speed... to bad he doesn't have the mental capacity to be legit. TC is averagining like 385190 blocks in the back a game.
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