Andy Reid Wants To Coach The Chargers

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. mike75

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    Publicly, Eagles coach Andy Reid says he wants to coach next year. Privately, Reid has fixed his gaze on Southern California.

    The Los Angeles native wants to coach the Chargers, according to a league source. Per the source, Reid is making his intentions known as he lines up a potential coaching staff.
  2. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    Don't tease me like that. On the side it says "Andy Reid Wants to Coach....."

    I thought it was going to say Titans....

  3. mike75

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    Well Reid is good with quarterbacks and he would have Phillip Rivers.He would be able to put the offense together he thinks will work best.

    He hasn't done well his last few seasons in Philly and some say he never got the most out of the Eagles squad as he went to four straight NFC championship games in one stretch but only got to one super bowl where he lost.He did go to five NFC championship games altogether and won his division six times and finished second in the division four times.The knock on Reid is he wins during the regular season but does not do as well in the postseason.

    Reid will be let go in Philly as the last few years were rough including 2011 where they put together a roster full of great players shooting for a super bowl but fell way short only going 8-8 a disaster considering how big expectations were.In 2012 Reid could very well end up 4-12 which will be his worst season by far and he is expected to be let go.

    Some say he would be an upgrade over Norv Turner who should've won way more than he did with the talent he had on some of those Charger teams.In 2007 at 11-5 and winners of their division Turner made it to the AFC championship but lost.In 2008 they went 8-8 winners of their division but lost in the divisional round of playoffs.In 2009 won the division again they went 13-3 but lost in the first round of the playoffs.In 2010 they went 9-7 but did not make the playoffs.In 2011 they went 8-8 and did not make the playoffs.In 2012 Turner will finish 7-9 at best and miss the playoffs three straight seasons.

    There were two seasons 2007 and 2009 where Turner could've made it to the Super Bowl as good as those two teams were.That and missing the playoffs for three straight years will be why Turner will be let go in San Diego.Turner has an average record of 8-8 a season which is not going to have teams knocking down his door to be head coach again.That average in a season is pretty bad considering how well those Charger teams were.Should've been way more achieved during the last half decade in San Diego but Turner was mired in mediocrity.
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    Sucks. Honestly, we're gonna have a hard time finding a coach cause most people in the league think Locker sucks and they wouldn't have drafted him as high as we did. Anyone coming in to coach the Titans is stuck with Locker for at least one year.
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  5. TheSureThing

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    we don't really have any selling points, we're gonna have to go to college to get a coach IMO.
  6. Ghost

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    Hell I would to after spending two decades of my life in Filthadelphia
  7. titansrule00000

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    I figured he would take a year off then come back to coaching! I think he needs some time away from the NFL.
  8. Titaneers

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    yeah and i want the titans to draft WVU players this draft... but that aint happenin...
    just because you want something doesn't mean you'll get it >.>
  9. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    Our selling point will be a coordinator looking for a head coaching job. There's only 32 head coach jobs, don't think we won't be able to find a good coach if we do this right. Guys like Horton, Casey Bradley, Mike Nolan, Mike Zimmer, Bruce Arians, Fewell, Greg Roman
  10. Scarecrow

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    The more I sit here and think about it, the more I want Bruce Arians.
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