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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>We asked for your input earlier this week on who you think the <a href="/blogs/afcsouth/0-7-472/Who-s-the-Colts-best-assistant-coach-.html" target="_blank">Colts' best assistant coach</a> is.</p> <p>This generated little debate among Colts fans -- I suspect because so many figure it an easy choice, but perhaps Colts faithful hate the question, or don't care for the blog or the blogger.</p> <p>Here are a couple responses:</p> <p><strong>LoriWhitesell:</strong> The Colts best assistant coach is <a href="" target="_new">Peyton Manning</a>. It's true. I've seen him on the sidelines at home games. He hardly ever just sits there. When Saturday was out with an injury he coached up the back-up center. When Sorgi plays he always goes to Peyton during time outs. I've heard John Madden say "when Peyton's out there it's like having a coach on the field". You can't argue with Madden.</p> <p><strong>coof20:</strong> John Teerlinck is, though i wanna see the colts give him a DT to really put that D-line over the top Beef it up a little along with the linebackers.</p> <p>I've got to go against you both here and I believe many would agree that offensive line coach Howard Mudd qualifies as the Colts best assistant.</p> <p>If we assign undrafted players eighth-round status, then the eight players Mudd had at the end of the season averaged a draft position of 5.4. Mudd crafted a unit that did well to keep Peyton Manning upright (just 14 sacks) with no first-rounder and just two second-rounders. This Colts team didn't run well which is something that will be an issue moving forward, and the team will look to him to help fix it.</p> <p>That's what the team has come to expect of him. He may do more with less than any assistant coach in the NFL.</p>

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