Analysis of Giants/Chiefs and what it means to us!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gut, Oct 2, 2013.

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    The overall score of the game was very misleading. For a Giants team trying to shoot itself in the foot over and over and over, this was an even game until 1:30 left in the 3rd quarter. Both teams had a TD and 1 FG opportunity. Then, McCluster returned a punt for a TD. Then after the giants D forced a long fg attempt (53yds), the giants special teams against messed up by lining up incorrectly giving the chiefs a first down and broke the Giants backs. Add in a muffed handoff and you get a route-looking final score.

    There were 3 stories to this game. First, the Giants D came to play! They controlled Charles (about 14 yards on 7 carries at halftime) and played pretty well overall. They even forced a couple of turnovers which the Giants Offense turned into 2 3 and outs!!! And that was the second story. The Giants offense was a shambles. But even in a shambles, they had opportunities to WIN this game! Eli's WR corps except for Cruz really faltered. Nicks especially was poor. He had at least 2 drops and at least one of those was a difference maker on a deep pass down the sideline. Eli put it right on him and for some reason, he tried to one hand it and dropped it. The backup OL had a lot of trouble giving Giants rb's any room to run so Eli was under duress the whole game. While Special teams played well early (even partially blocking a punt and punishing McCluster), and possibly could have kept the giants in this game like the D had done for 3 quarters, it unravelled quickly the last 17minutes of the game.

    I noticed several things in specific about this game.

    KC on Offense
    QB Alex Smith runs a LOT...especially against man coverage. He throws a lot of crossing routes, slants and short post patterns to Bowe. Giants got one pick when their CB jumped inside and ran the Slant with the WR and Smith threw it right to him. He wasn't super accurate with the ball and the Giants were able to challenge throws. He's trying to be smart, make safe throws and run when he can. They even had a designed run or 2! But don't fall asleep on all these short patterns, KC runs a lot of double moves with Bowe and the TE when they think teams are trying to shut down the short stuff. Charles is a weapon as a WR who is underutilized so far. We need to account for him.

    KC's OL is underperforming. The Giants DL is solid if a bit old and banged up and they took it to the Chiefs OL. Even Brandon Albert got flagged a few times. Our DL better watch out as they like to pull TE's across and cut the contain guy. McGrath rolled into JPP's knee (clean block). One of their other OG's dove at one of the Giants DT's knee from behind (fortunately he missed AND got flagged). Casey beware! Even their 1st round pick Fisher was getting somewhat abused and ended up leaving the game.

    KC Wr's and TE's are not world beaters by any stretch. Bowe is obviously their best and biggest WR. He will need our prime focus. Avery and company can be covered. But again, we can't fall asleep on them. With a lead and 1st and 25, most teams would run. Chiefs went playaction and threw a post to the TE for a 25yd gain and a first down!

    KC on Defense
    The overall philosophy seems to be, stack the box and stop the run, then put pressure on the QB and get to the QB. Sound familiar? They looked like they were playing 75% man to man which means our OL needs to hold up a split second longer and our WR's need to WIN the individual matchups! While they have 2 good pass rushers in Houston and Hali, they also have a zone blitz scheme and like to bring extra speed off the edge....especially on the RT side.

    KC DL
    They are good and active and stuffed the Giants run game. Poe vs Turner will be an interesting matchup! This may feel a bit like the Jets game in that their front 7 is quick and the line does a good job at letting LB's roam. We have much better personel so I'll be curious to see if we can gouge them up the middle man on a man blocking.

    Active and fast. We can hurt them with CJ out of the backfield or Walker. Or we can maul them with our guards. They don't always maintain good rush lanes on the blitzs.

    Smith is pretty good but DRob got injured or bench as Cruz just ran right by him for a bomb. Flowers was hurt, not sure if he'll be back Sunday. They will play bump and run 75% of the time so defeating man coverage is the name of the game.

    Berry is excellent but he's smallish. He will be down in the box a lot so we need to watch for this in both the run and pass games. Giants got their bomb when he was in the box and DRob had no help. These guys do disguise coverages some times...especially 3rd and long.

    It's too bad Locker isnt playing this game or I might bet he will have more rush yards then our RB's combined. Eli had lots of room to run but doesn't. Fitz can run a bit so that will be an option when no one is open. Expect some different pass plays this week vs a predominant man team. Delayed runs and delayed releases to CJ on a crossing route would be effective. If the titans watched the giants tape, they can split CJ out wide and potentially catch KC slow to adjust. KC put their FS over him but he was like 3 secs too late and was wide open. Catch those LB's in coverage against Walker or CJ for some nice mismatches. But I'm sure we will pound the rock and see how KC holds up.

    Watching the game and seeing how bad the Giants offense is gave me a lot of confidence that we can and should beat KC as I first predicted.

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    I have a dream, that one day Gut will learn to summarize his thoughts.
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    Just makes me a bit more optimistic about Sunday.

    Good job Gut.
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    He certainly can be long-winded but I enjoy his posts. At least he brings something new and useful to the table most of the time.
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    good read, thanks for the post Gut! I definitely hope we can use hunter for his size and throw him the ball deep a few times. Our passing game is going to be important in this one as I think KC thinks we will try to pound the rock. I expect Nate to get a lot of looks from fitz and he can beat the coverage but with them playing man to man, I am thinking Berry will be on him which leaves us to throw to walker. I wouldn't mind dumping the ball off to cj. Hope he goes off like he did last time we made the trip to KC
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    Good post.

    As a Chiefs fan, I think this game will be our biggest test. We had the Cowboys at home and are playing you guys on the road so that will be tough. I expect this to be the biggest smash mouth game of the NFL season to this point.

    KC's defense is much different than it used to be. We are no longer a read and react defense like we were the last two times you played us. We are a Rex Ryan type of defense and have Bob Sutton for a defensive coordinator. Bob learned under Rex for years. We live by the blitz and die by the blitz and it comes from everywhere and it comes all day.

    Alex Smith is incredibly mobile. Much more mobile than fans thought. Reid is using him like the 49ers used Steve Young. He is running a ton. He is extremely careful when throwing the ball. He had his first two picks of the year last week. One was a good play by the CB on a slant route and the other was a fluke. Make no mistake he will keep tabs on your good CBs. I think we will beat you with McCluster in the slot and Charles going in motion and lining up at WR. We do this a lot and will try and exploit Pollard.

    About the Giants game... You gotta take KC's depth into consideration. The Chiefs were missing two starting o-linemen and their #1 CB just like the Giants. KC was also missing their first and second string TE. The two guys who played TE had literally been there for two and three weeks. This really screwed with blocking assignments. Hopefully, we'll get our TEs back this week.

    Our punter got hurt last week. You guys probably know Colquitt from UT. When he's playing, he is one of our best assets. He's had tons of punts inside the 10 yard line this year.

    Cruz did smoke Dunta Robinson and Dunta was benched at halftime for a rookie named Cooper out of Rutgers. He played awesome against Cruz and stopped him cold. If Flowers can't go, you can bet Cooper will start.

    Berry is playing like a man on fire. He often plays a hybrid LB/S role and you can bet he will be locking onto CJ out of the backfield. When I consider how he goes against McCluster and Charles in practice everyday, I like KC's odds in this match up.

    Three of KC's four linebackers are pro bowlers and for good reason. DJ is great in coverage, run support, and blitzing. He's one of the best in the business. Tamba and Houston are monsters and feed off of each other. Jordan has had a career type of year and cleans up the messes.

    The d-line is excellent. DeVito came from NY with Bob Sutton and was a major upgrade over Dorsey. Jackson is having a career year. Poe is a monster. He's is definitely the NFL's break out player of the year to this point. Unlike past years, their job is no longer to occupy blockers 100% of the time. They rush the passer and it all starts with Poe. He will have to be double teamed. This match up worries me the most because your interior line seems to be the strongest part of your team imo.

    It should be a great match up and I see a low score. I'm think 17-10 Chiefs. This will be a fight.
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    That is for sure - Berry is scary. Isn't he petrified of horses though? We should have our 12th man ride around in one all game on the Chiefs sideline

    LANGSTER Starter

    The chiefs won 2 games last year and have the win over dallas that cant win on the road. Tough spot with locker out but I think fitz better than people think and huge upgrade over hassle
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    Will be interesting to see what we learned playing against the Jets because these defenses are very similar. Our OL needs to communicate better than they did against the Jets. When I re-watched the game last night Turner and Warmack had several times that they didn't work well together. Also one play where Stewart and Warmack were on different pages. I do not think that the Chiefs DL is quite as stout as the Jets so hopefully we will be able to stay out of 3rd and long situations.

    I would like to see us put Hunter on one side and then Washington on the outside on the other side with Britt in the slot. Let Britt and Hunter work deep with Nate working the middle of the field.

    Defensively we just need to tackle well. From a STs standpoint we have to avoid the big play like the Giants gave up last week.
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    Great thread, lots of great posts in here, even from the Chiefs fan.

    I think this game starts off slow with both defenses setting the tone early.

    I think the Titan offense is way ahead of the chiefs at this point, especially our WR's. KC might hold a very slight edge in the RB position. Their LB core better pack a lunch trying to cover Walker, and I hope we finally see a spark from Stevens catching the ball this week.
    I really wish Jake was healthy, because I'm nervous about Fitzpatrick to an extent. I hope, and expect we will see massive improvement from him this week after taking all the reps, and getting in a rythm.
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