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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky [​IMG]Slaton I've heard from a number of Texans fans wondering how I left Steve Slaton out of my "Snub discussion" for Houston in my AFC Pro Bowl analysis.

    I thought his absence might have been justified by a limited role early in the season and the fact that Gary Kubiak Basically sat Slaton out of the Baltimore game, talking of how he was tired.

    But upon further consideration, I hereby apologize for the major oversight.

    Chris Johnson and Thomas Jones are definitely worthy. The popular question is, how did Miami's Ronnie Brown get the third running back slot?

    Blame it on the Wildcat.

    Fans and commentators across the country have been fascinated with the trendy direct-snap-to-a-running-back twist that the Dolphins introduced first. It's spread like the flu and a good share of the league's teams have tried some variation.

    And the centerpiece of Miami's Wildcat is Brown, who's been an effective runner and passer when getting the ball at the snap.

    Nevertheless, Slaton has 37 more carries, 297 more yards and two more 100-yard games. Brown has a slight edge in rushing touchdowns, 10 to eight. Brown's thrown a TD and Slaton's caught one.

    But here's the clincher for Slaton, who's the first alternate at running back: He leads the AFC in yards from scrimmage with 1,429.

    So, Steve, sorry I left you out of Tuesday's post. Hope one of your own helps make up for it. If you don't get the call as a sub, take heart. You're going to get many more chances.

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