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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by customtitan, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    Only Fisher has that special talent.

    Yea Fisher sure got a lot out of Hope and Griffin this last year and his decision on the DC was real special.
  2. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Right now? I'd say both Rex Ryan and John Harbaugh easily. Ryan is winning with a rookie QB and a defense who has only one player in the Pro Bowl. Harbaugh has a nice RB but little else on offense.

    This season, I think just about every head coach in the league who remains employed got more from his team than Fisher did at times this season.

    That was because the Titans had a solid defense and a weak schedule.

    But he had a solid running game, special teams and defense. Much like what we're seeing now from the Ravens and Jets.

    Albert Haynesworth? Eight Pro Bowlers last season?

    I agree that the NFL is a player's league but the head coach has to accept blame when his decisions directly impacts his teams ability to win.
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  3. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Wade Phillips as a head coach is bad. But the thinking...especially when he was hired in Dallas was that he'd 'run' the D and with Garrett to run the offense, they should have good coaching on both sides. Phillips didn't run the defense though til this year (because Jerry told him he had to) so they ARE playing much better. Does that make him a good coach? I'd say no. He's a good DC.

    The difference is, a guy with experience as a returner in college doesn't need to learn a system or a playbook or new techniques. Mouton had to only learn to not fumble the ball (especially by holding it in the correct arm), not try to make over the shoulder catches, and call fair catch at the right time. This should not be hard for anyone with return experience. Cook, on the other hand, is not a good blocker which already limits his playing time since we are a running team. He needs more strength, technique and probably some playbook work as well. Since we had other options, he choose to use better blockers who are not as explosive but also not likely to make mistakes. Whether he should or not is debatable.

  4. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    I'm sure there were a number of factors involved here including a slower than expected recovery from the ankle sprain. He may have struggled with the playbook and blocking as well.

    But the Titans were splitting him out wide at times in camp and the preseason. Unless the guy is the second-coming of Ben Troupe (yeah, I went there), he should have been able to handle a limited package with the same routes he seems to run well in preseason.

    Dinger has to find a way to utilize his playmakers more. Despite the 2K season, I hope the Titans find more ways to get CJ the ball in space. I also hope they find a way to create more mismatches with Cook.
  5. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.

    To the question "who gets more out of their players than Fisher?"

    Jim Caldwell. Easily.

    This dude has complete scrubs on defense aside from 2 guys. And people can hype Manning all they want, but without good coaching there's no way Collie or Pierre-Whatshisface make a starting roster- much less be productive.
  6. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Perhaps you could Dungy a good coach or not? You said he was one but then implied he wasn't because he fell into a playoff team in Indy and even then, only won 1 SB, only been to 1 SB despite the numerous highly talented teams, and has a losing record in the playoffs.

    Simply not correct. We can go player by player if you wish.

    I wonder how he had QB's who have done as well as McNair during the dominant years, a Pro Bowl RB, Pro Bowl WR and a Pro Bowl OG and some other good players. Is that what you call badly balanced? The only thing badly balanced were the results.

    The Colts were the #1 ranked team in our division in 2003 and we didn't get bounced in 1999 as we made it to the Super Bowl. Which 2 years are you thinking of? I would like to know so you can point out the numerous Hall of Fame players the Titans had on those teams. We KNOW the Colts have and have had several Hall of Fame players on their teams of which you speak. But please let me know which Titans teams you're talking about so I can post the starters and make the comparison and you can explain how the Bucs and Indy teams are vastly inferior.

    Are you saying that McNair and Manning are EQUAL QB's? Or better yet...that McNair in '99 was equal to Manning in '99? Which WR of the Titans was better than Harrison? Better across the board? LOL

    How is Dungy a 'good' coach if his own QB decides the crucial moments of the game? Don't forget, Dungy HIRED away our terrible OC to worsen his already terrible offense.

    In what way did Fisher MINIMIZE his player's abilities? If you have the best DL and a top 10 D, why do you NEED to blitz when the personel is designed to play a Cover 2 ZONE defense? You may not LIKE the style the defense plays, but it was very effective last year and has been very effective in both the NFL and college. It is no reason to criticize the head coach because we don't blitz's no longer our defensive system.

  7. karmarouge

    karmarouge Camp Fodder


    Wishful thinking on your part. Please post the colts best team (the superbowl winners) vs the titans superbowl losing team.

    Across the board man for man, titans were the much better team than the colts.

    People always get on my case for being a little bit to crude or rude to people when i get into debates. I will explain why i am this way.

    It is very annoying for me to argue with some one something so plainly obvious i believe even the blindest of morons can see it!!

    Dude do you seriously want to argue that the colts superbowl winning team that was giving up over 150 yards a game was as balanced as the titans superbowl run team or even the 1999 squad that lost to the ravens in the first game of the play offs?

    Why dont you just start listing those names of those players you want to compare these titans teams with.

    Making rather stupid comments about how tony dungy had teams even remotely has balanced as Fisher's? are you freakin kidding me? Do you just want to make arguments for the sake of making arguments?

    In tampa he was nothing but good defense and so so offense that was nothing to write home about.

    In indy he was nothing but offense and totally no offense and just relied on scoring more points than their opponents.

    This is not rocket freakin science. I dont even have to look up the stats to make this argument. I was watching these very teams play football with dungy coaching them. DONT MAKE AN OUT OF YOURSELF ARGUING NONSENSE LIKE YOUR BASIC FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE STARTS FROM 2008!!!
    And please dont make me out to the the arse because i get irritated quickly when people make what i deem to be incredibly stupid arguments.

    And i know i said dungy was a good coach. Notice i did not call him a great coach. I said good knowing fully what his faults were.

    And please avoid these silly straw man debates designed to take away from the facts on the table. Jeff fisher has had multiple top ranked teams with top talent and has absolutely failed to achieve anything whatsoever with said teams.

    I dont care if Dungy fluked a superbowl with manning and that colts pathetic run defense, that crap dont mean a thing about Fisher's pathetic coaching skills.

    I do have to give you this though. You sir are a born and bred tennessee fan.
    I could swear that over the years i read similar pathetic arguments for Phil Fulmer being sold as a great coach over at Ut even when it was plain obvious the man was nothing but a fundraiser and some what of a recruiter. But the man couldnt coach his way of a wet paper bag. I gurantee you that you will find similarly tortured arguments on the Seminoles websites about bobby bowden for the last 4 years, and probably see the same crap about Mack Brown..(well in his case i think most of texas knows what exactly Mack brown does and they seem to be well aware of the fact that he doesnt even coach the team. No wonder UT couldnt get Muschamp)

    Me personally, i am sick and tired of this horse crap! Same old tired arguments just revised polished and pretty much all you did was change the name of the coach and you figure this dung cake can be sold as premium FDA regulated chocolate cake.

    Sorry sir! I am not buying!

    Jeff Fisher is a pathetic coach, even worse than Fulmer, that will never ever win a superbowl in his life! Like it or not, time will prove me right and you will be like one of those sad UT fans who actually were crying to Fulmer to return to the vols!

    Thats my last word on Fisher. 2 years from now, i will come back to this thread (if this forum is still around and i am still a member) and you will be here yet again talking about how Fisher was fired 17 years too early! Apparenlty he just needed one more year to win it!

    Dungy is a good coach not a great coach. good enough to have competitive teams but suffers from the Fisher curse of idiotic conservativeness that a great player in manning had to over come to lead his team to a superbowl!

    silly question. Any one who has watched football the last 11 years knows how badly balanced both teams were and the fact the titans were much better balanced on both sides of the ball.

    You go take the time out to post each teams respective defensive and offensive stats. then come back here and make that silly argument!

    Are you saying that McNair and Manning are EQUAL QB's? Or better yet...that McNair in '99 was equal to Manning in '99?
    No i didnt say they were equal. I said Mcnair could have been as prolific as manning. Problem is he was saddled with a coach i accurately described as a buffoon with the unique capability of retarding his player's development.
    Mcnairs supreme performance that won him a tie in the MVP, gave us a glimpse of what could have been ,but i guess we shall never know now being as your so called great coach deemed it smart to run Eddie george into the ground with his moronic 300 carries per year!

    Total baloney! The colts or other teams that use this defense do so because they have the right personnel to run it! Fisher doesnt have the personnel to run it and it failed badly in 2009 quickly sinking his team to the bottom of the barrel from a previous top rank in 2008.

    It takes a supremely stupid coach to fail to understand how pathetic his scheme would devolve to with the absence of the one dominant player that made the entire idiotic scheme work in the first place.

    It really takes a man with big balls to argue that a defense that gave up 59 points to an opponent in a season was "working" honestly.. I have nothing more to say to you after i read such a moronic statement!!

    59 freaking point!!! boy i would hate to see that defense when its not working!
  8. TM

    TM Starter

    The 2009 Titans were coming off a 13-3 season. Fisher himself said that this year was his most talented roster. The Titans started 0-6, finished at 8-8 and out of the playoffs. The defense was ranked 27th in the league in points allowed. The return game was MIA and the coverage units were terrible.

    That's not a good argument for getting the best out of your players.
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  9. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    /\ That. Not to mention our best WR by a considerable margin finished at #3 on the depth chart. He started a QB who threw strictly to the cheerleaders or the defense for 6 games, all of which we lost. He refused to make adjustments on defense and let ELITE QBs such as Marc Sanchez, David Garrard, and Chad Henne throw the ball all over the field. Not to mention Joe Flacco in the playoffs last year. Jeff is a joke. He ran a defensive scheme that was built around a player on the Washing Redskins all year. It showed. We gave up nearly twice the TDs as last year. How many teams historically have went from a #1 seed one year to starting 0-6 the next season? Not to mention having more offensive weapons and the best RB in the league? I'd say not too damn many.
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  10. el_darax

    el_darax Camp Fodder

    You hit the nail on the head.

    And add 'goal post' to that KFC's target-list due to the Ram's game ;p
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