All 32 NFL Team Records 1999-2019

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    Those years with McNair and George really set the tone for where we finish here.

    Also, not absolutely shhing the bed the first "branch years" (2004-2006) really helped.. I mean it was bad..... but very easily could have went 0-16 those years.. Where we took a hit was '14 and '15...
  3. dtm586

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    With 4 teams in a division I feel like the Titans should have won more division titles lol - last one 2008? Meh
  4. HurrayTitans!

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    Only two ever, 02’ and 08’. That’s weak considering the division.

    colts had a long run, now the Texans have owned it recently.
  5. dtm586

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    Yup - I get the Manning and the Colts thing but cmon ... Texans? They always seem about 1 game better than us every year lol annoying
  6. HurrayTitans!

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    Despite the run this year, titans still can’t seem to win the necessary regular season games to win division. This year the let down game was against those Texans, again. (First game).

    4 9-7 seasons with at least 1 big division game late the titans lost to cost division if not the playoffs entirely.
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    Early season ood afc Ls cost the titans every damn year.... september in Cincinnati or Miami or buffalo means something
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    No Super Bowl Championship

    who gives af
  10. mike75

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    The Titans have done fairly well over the last two decades since starting in 1999.

    They were the winningest team in the NFL the first 5 years '99-'03 then they had a couple losing seasons were .500 in '06 and were back to the playoffs and winning in '07 and '08 which was a 13 win season. They were .500 in '09 then had one losing year in '10 and had another winning season in '11.

    '12 thru '15 were the rough years were they had the only bad stretch since starting in '99 and it was just 4 losing seasons.

    Then you have '16 thru '19 with 4 straight winning seasons which includes 2 playoff berths in '17 and '19 where the Titans have played 5 playoff games and won 3 playoff games.

    Our only really bad period with no winning seasons was 2012 thru 2015 which was 4 losing seasons which at one point or another every team dealt with a 3 or 4 year period of losing except for New England.

    Imagine being a team like the Browns with 17 straight years of no playoffs and the last 16 of 17 years with one winning season.

    Up until 2017 the Bills had 18 straight years of no playoffs and had 16 of their last 18 seasons were losing ones.

    The Jaguars from 2008 thru 2019 had 11 of 12 years that were losing ones with just one playoff berth. 8 of those 11 seasons included 11 or more losses a year.

    The Raiders from 2003 thru 2019 have had 16 of their last 17 years as losing ones with just one playoff berth.

    The Bucs haven't been to the playoffs in 13 seasons since 2007 and only a couple winning seasons

    The Dolphins have made the playoffs only twice since 2003 a period of 17 years.

    Until 2017 the Rams had 12 straight losing seasons with no playoffs or winning seasons since 2005.

    The Jets have 9 straight years 2011-2019 with no playoffs and a couple winning seasons.
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