Alan Lowry..... Fired

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    This is just TOO f*****g funny. We're literally firing only the coaches whose units performed well. Hope all you turds championing Munch's return are happy.

    And Bud... you cooky old fart, you reap what you sow. You don't deserve a ring. And you certainly won't be getting one. At least not in this lifetime.
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    Eff this team after this with Jerry Gray still on staff just eff this team the owner the front office and the coach.
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    Let's pool our money together and pay T-Rac to run over Munch with the golf cart.

    And then back up.
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    I got 5 on it
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    Well this makes about as much sense as expected.

    I do remember a time everyone wanted Lowry was probably 8 years ago.
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    Sorry to interject some facts into the hysteria.

    Lowry isn't actually being fired. His contract has expired and the Titans are making the decision not to renew it.

    Now I, like everyone else, have no idea whether or not this is a good move.

    What I do know is this:
    The return game had 2 good games this season and 14 horrendous ones.
    Our all-pro kicker showed sigs of declining
    Lowry is one of only 3 remaining coaches from the Fisher era working for Munchak (Watterson and Loggains are the other two).

    If the coaching staff is trying to create its own identity and Lowry wasn't buying in, then I have no problem with not offering him a new contract. Only time will tell if this is a good move or a bad one.
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    I disagree Carpy

    • True, he is not being 'fired' but a special team coach does not command a gob of money. Not bringing him in, is a pretty telling sign.
    • You cannot pin Reynaud's lack of judgement on when to return kicks and when not to, on Lowry.
    • Rob is getting up there, he had an off season, but was still good compared to around the league.
    • About the only thing worth keep from the Fisher era, was Lowry. Exactly how much pull does a special team coach have on the team? I'd imagine he might get some input on the depth on linebackers and defensive backs, but that is about it. If Lowry didn't fit the identity of a team Munch wanted to build, that is a fault on Munch for letting a special team coach strong arm him.
    • How many free agents do we bring in to fill special teams roles? Not many, most are picked from the draft.
    The move doesn't make sense. NOBODY comes close to filling this guys shoes.
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    I can't believe that yall are throwing a fit over losing Lowry. He should have been let go a long time ago.

    I'm with Amy it's way too premature to be crying about the moves Munchak is making. Nothing in this world will make me turn in my fan card. NOTHING.
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    Munch had 2 years to prove what he was doing. All indications are he doesn't. Anybody that ever played football or followed it consistently could see that by now. That said, I don't give a bakers **** who he fires anymore, so long as one of those names is Jerry Gray.