Alan Lowry..... Fired

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by fonzerrillii23, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Alzarius

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    See, like this!! (and no, not picking on you dtm)

    We fire our special teams coach WHO IS SERVICEABLE

    Its the "who is serviceable" thing that gets me. Like trying to upgrade is a bad thing.(of course if Chet is hired, ill question the hell out of that but ill wait until next year to find out how we do)

    People say in one breath we are content with mediocrity, then turn around and get mad cause we let go of a mediocre coach and try to make changes.

    Like playmaker and someone else here said, bottom line is people hate Gray and as long as Gray is here, everything Munch does will suck and "show that we have no clue what we are doing"
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  2. dtm586

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    Thats the problem with this franchise though. We as fans have to strive for "serviceable". Look around, when has the Titans made any kind of coaching splash? Just the way we have to think, until Bud Adams goes away.
  3. Alzarius

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    What kind fo coaching spash are you expecting. We just got rid of our coach of 16+ years. During a short, locked out season, we had to get who we could and ive said several times that people can suggest who they would have rather had, and no one can come up with anything other than "guessing" that someone MAY have been better as a coach. We had few options.

    Considering that short/locked out offseason, I have NO issues giving Munch and his crap coordinators more than one season to get it worked out. Its reasonable imo.

    Now its going into the 3rd year. We got rid of our OC, we better be getting rid of our DC (IF we can find someone better) I am assuming and hoping we will be chasing some of these playoff teams staff. If not, why have we not named Loggains the OC for next season? Because we are looking imo.

    Me, as a fan, i do not strive for serviceable. However I am reasonable when it comes to evaluating what is going on. I want THE BEST, but also realize thats what EVERY team in the NFL wants and understand that right now, we are not going to have the best.
  4. Two Kings

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    Lovie Smith has been linked to DC jobs. I don't even have to waste my time to know there are plenty of other DCs out there that Munch could pursue and/or OCs.

    Browns, Chargers, Bears, Chiefs, Bills, and basically most teams have been getting their act together to interview other people. Instead Munch has fired our SP coach... Cool, it took you a week to figure that one out, Munch?
  5. Alzarius

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    Lovie smith will not take a DC position when he is still in the running for head coaching jobs.

    Im hoping that Munch is waiting for playoff teams to be out and talks to them.

    I am hoping that will change when the playoffs are over.

    Just have to wait and see what he plans on doing.
  6. GoT

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    I am hoping Jerry GrAY gets soaked by Venutian rain
  7. DocParty

    DocParty Practice Squad

    Well I know Alan and there is not a harder worker, more honest guy, with the cred's to do his job.
    Sometimes people are threatened by others and they just can't take the fear of having a special teams coach being better than the current head coach.
    I wish no one ill, but I hope the Titans pay for their stupidity and one day at least admit it, that's all.
    Alan will be fine. He'll move on to a new team or just take his 40+ years in the NFL/College as a coach/player and retire. He'll be fine.
  8. GrandMajesty1

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    Where have you guys been??? This is what I've been saying most of this entire off-season regarding Munchak and the F.O. Between keeping Jerry Grey and "firing both Palmer and ALAN LOWRY, I can't believe he's held on to his job....!!!!

    There is NO MORE EXCUSES in Nashville....either the Titans make the playoffs, or the entire team gets shut down!!!
  9. Titans Eternal

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    You should be ashamed of yourself. Only respectable reason to stop being a Titan fan was if we got gayton manning
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  10. DocParty

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    This kinda stuff goes on all over the NFL. It's become a business, unlike the early days when grown men got to play a game after college and enjoyed it as a game/income. Didn't make a lot back then. Suddenly people started making way too much money and the game is no longer a game it's just a business. It's sad. Same for all pro-sports.
    You ought to see what goes on here in Dallas. JJones had the best possible coach ever to work at the cowboys (i mean no ill feelings towards Landry. it was just a different era. he too was great, but in a different way). JJohnson could have taken the cowboys through his 10 year guaranteed contract and they would have had more playoff wins in 10 years than 99 percent of all modern day pro football teams, ever. But egos got in the way and JJones actually believed he was as smart as JJohnson and even as good of a coach. Guess what, he's not.
    Needless to say for the past 18 years the cowboys have not even come close to being a winning team and it's all because they don't/didn't have a coach that can get the job done. With Alan Lowry, he got the job done. Better record than the majority of most NFL teams over the past 15 years. They threw the baby out with the bath water this time. So sad.
    Egos are in the way. The current HC of the Titans Muchack (I call him butt-munch) is not the caliber required to lead the team to it's once greatness (albeit short lived in terms of playoffs).
    Whatever Alan decides to do (move to another team or retire) he'll be forever missed by the Titan fans as the seasons go on. They'll look back and 'wish' they had him back and 'butt-munch' will fade away.
    As far as JGarrett here in Dallas goes, he's been calling plays for @ 6 years and making him HC is not a change in anything except title. The biggest change they have made that will prove to be wise is going to the 4-3. It'll work with their talent if they can stay healthy. But who knows?
    Put it all behind you, enjoy the games you get to see and realize we 'fans' can't do anything about it except moan-groan-***** and scream. They don't hear us, they just listen for the 'cha-ching' sound of money coming into their coffers.
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