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    Here's what to get. They think they know more than the coaches and FO; they can't stand to lose, they don't like Munch's personality. Add it all up, and you get whiny assed fans. If you don't like what is being done, then by all means get a new team to root for. It's really that simple. You have no patience; you don't understand how long it takes to build a team, you conveniently forget about all the injuries the team had, and a whole host of other things I can't remember at the moment. It gets so depressing listening to you people. How old are you, anyway? an average age of 20 maybe? Life does not follow the 'I want it all and I want it now' scenario. Get a clue. I don't like how the team performed any more than the rest of you. But for heaven's sake, repeating the same freakin mantra day in and day out is getting old. If you can't say something constructive for each nonconstructive statement then just be quiet. And yes, I sound like your mothers because I am one and I'm old enough! Patience, grasshoppers! Two years in nothing in the life of the team. Besides, you see how many teams DO NOT have Harbough and Belickik caliber coaches and can't even find suitable replacements. Let the man do his job and if at the end of his contract, nothing has changed, then you can resume your whining sessions. I say all this with love :cj::p
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    Wait until the end of his contract? So 2 more years of ineptitude? That's positive thinking right there. Lets just accept the fact that we suck for 2 more years. Yes we whine, because we want to see the best team assembled and coached possible. You were among many obviously fooled by the 9-7 record. This team wasn't good then, they're worse now.
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    Ah. I never really paid much attention anyway. Seeing Sheldon kinda put me off.
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    I hate the **** out of that show
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    On the surface, Titans coach Mike Munchak’s decision to part ways with long-time special teams coach Alan Lowry doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Scratching below the surface, there’s a reason that’s easy to question as well, but here it goes:

    Munchak didn’t renew Lowry’s contract with the team because he felt players were tuning out the veteran coach, and that his message wasn’t getting across any more.

    He let Lowry go because he felt the team needed a jolt that Lowry couldn’t provide.

    Munchak didn’t tell me this, of course. He hasn’t returned calls or offered any explanations since he began gutting his staff at season’s end. And I don’t think he told Lowry this either.

    But it’s the reason why Lowry is out of a job after serving the past 17 seasons as an assistant with the Titans, including the past 14 as special teams coach.

    So maybe some players were tuning Lowry out, but he was obviously doing something right.

    After all, the Titans were consistently better on special teams in 2012 than any other unit on the team, including offense and defense. Heck, I gave special teams a B in my final report card, which beat the Ds and Fs in the others phases.

    In 2012, the Titans had four returns for touchdowns, including three by Darius Reynaud. They were among the NFL’s best in punt and kick returns, and punter Brett Kern broke a franchise record for net and gross average. The Titans struggled on coverage teams, yes, and kicker Rob Bironas didn’t have his best year, hitting 25-of-31 kicks. But Lowry can’t kick for Bironas, who used bad technique on a few of his misfires.

    I’m sure Munchak feels the Titans will be reenergized on special teams behind the direction of a younger, more fiery assistant coach. Special teams assistant Chet Parlavecchio, who Munchak hired in 2011, has a big personality, and he’s provided some nice ideas in the past. He doesn’t have the 31 years of NFL experience, however.

    Over the years, Lowry’s been best known for being very meticulous. He pays great attention to detail. And there’s no doubt it’s worked for him – and the Titans — over the years. The Titans have consistently been good on special teams under Lowry’s direction, producing big plays — the biggest being the Music City Miracle, of course – and Pro Bowlers.

    Yet there are some who believe the team will be even better moving forward with new ideas, and a new approach, on special teams. Munchak obviously subscribes to this theory.

    Time will tell, but I’ll say this: Lowry’s a tough act to follow.

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    Me too. I get that it's a show for nerds but I never could get into it. Not for me. That blonde chick is fine as f*** but not enough to watch it with the volume on.
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    All of that could be said for replacing Munchak or Grey too..
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    I don't think it was Lowry they were tuning out....
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  9. Scarecrow

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    you guys need to stop making sense
  10. The Hammer

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    Not just nerds. You ever notice there are a lot of vapid young women who are not very bright tend to be big fans of that show?
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